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🗓️ 26 February 2024

⏱️ 6 minutes

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Welcome to Bishop Gray Academy, a world of high-stakes and cut-throat competition.


Academy, a riveting coming-of-age audio drama co-produced by AT WILL MEDIA and Wondery, follows the story of Ava Richards, a scholarship student who transfers to Bishop Gray, one of the most elite and competitive boarding schools in America.


As Ava tries to find her place in this high-pressure environment, she soon crosses paths with an underground society known as The Night of the Wolf, which caters to the school's wealthiest students and enforces strict secrecy. With trust in short supply, Ava must navigate a dangerous and alluring world where friendships will be tested, romances will bloom, and ambitions cut short. 


Listen to Academy: Wondery.fm/Academy_

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Welcome to Bishop Grey Academy, the country's most exclusive boarding school, a place where the best and brightest aren't fighting to be prom queen or captain of the football team, they're on track to become the next Supreme Court justice.


Academy is a new scripted podcast from Wondry and at-will media


that follows Ava Richards, played by HBO's Industries Myhala Herald, a brilliant scholarship student who has


to quickly adapt to her newfound eat or be eaten world.


Ava sets her sights on being the first scholarship student ever to make the list.


Bishop Gray's all coveted academic top 10,


curated by the headmaster himself.


But this ambition comes at the expense of new friendships and budding romances.


When she realizes there's no way she'll make the list on her own,


Ava is recruited by the Knight of the Wolf Bishop Gray's underground society with more secrets than the


Illuminati. If she bends to their demands in exchange for her own success, she


could have one of the ten coveted spots. but at what cost?


Academy takes you into the world of a cutthroat private school,


where power, money, and sex collide in a game of life and death.


I'm about to play a clip from Academy. Follow Academy on the


Wonder Eapper wherever you get your podcasts. Bishop Gray Academy, Academy, the most prestigious boarding school in the country, and the most cutthroat.


Everything, and I mean


mean everything at Bishop Gray revolves around the list.


Isn't fucked up that our school publicly ranks the top 10 students on campus of course. Would I cut off


both of my arms to get on? Absolutely. To make it on you need to excel in three areas. Academics.


I take four APs, two languages, and an intensive writing seminar,


and I'm only on 30 milligrams of Adderall.


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