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Is It Time To Pause The Podcast? Perhaps! Don't Be Afraid To REST/RESTORE Or Create White Space!

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 4 March 2024

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Happy Monday!

In today's episode I'm getting a little personal and sharing a small slice of my thoughts on the future of BGSC Podcast. After listening today I'd love it if you took some time to think about if you are intentionally releasing and making space in your life for not only rest but also for change.

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Hey, what's going on you're listening to the Brown Girl Self Care podcast.


My name is Brie Mitchell.


I'm the host of the show as well as the founder of Brown Girl Self Care.


Brown Girl Self Care is a space and platform of intentional healing, rest, joy, and abundance for


black women. I realize that changes almost every time I say it, so I kind of get a


little chuckle in my throat, but I swear I just want to say all kinds of things at the beginning so yeah that's what it was that's what that's what my spirit was feeling today


So first of all welcome into the space. I'm so glad that you're here.


Now if this does sound a little bit different,


it's because I'm recording on my phone,


not in front of my microphone.


I'm sitting in my living room, I'm on the couch,


and the extra sounds may be like a TV in the in the back room or something


so my apologies in advance if that comes over so So, you know, I want to also say this is your first time


listening. Did I just say this part? I want to thank you so much for being here.


I'm not, I'm not, I'm just letting y'all know in advance, like your girl is a little tired.


These last two weeks maybe, off and on, not consistently, but I've just been feeling a little tired and I know that for me when I'm tired one possible reason is that I may not be doing a lot of physical stuff necessarily but emotional and just like


mental stuff like a lot of thoughts and thinking and trying to figure things out.


So when that happens for me I do get a little tired and as you know or as I hope you know like if you are tired


it can sometimes open you up for I don't want to say illness or anything like that


because I don't want to speak that over your life, but it can open you up to just not feeling your best. How about we just say that? You're not


necessarily feeling your most energetic self that


that could be one possible reason so that's how I'm feeling right now and you know it was


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