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I Paid $50,000 to Attend the Live Wonka Experience


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 6 March 2024

⏱️ 5 minutes

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The girlies discuss the most discoursed articles of the month. They cover the Ivy League financial "expert" who put $50k in an unmarked vehicle, a landmark piece about the pull-out method, the article that asks what happens when body-positive influencers get skinny, and more. Twitter digressions include the AI-generated Live Wonka Experience and whether or not your husband should die for being nice to his brother's widow.
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For a solid week at least everyone was at least talking about this article which is titled the day I put 50,000 dollars in a shoebox and handed it to a stranger.


I never thought I was the kind of person to fall for a scam.


And there are so many things about this article.


This is like truly a rich text.


Like I don't think it's just like, I I know the the internet has moved on but I


think it like is more than just an internet thing at this point because this


article like raptured me it is crazy okay so from my understanding all I know about this is that this woman, like I read the beginning of this because I was scared and I was like, oh my God, because I thought at first that people were like, wait, this is so scary this could happen to anyone. So I was like, like well I got to know the mistake she


made so that I know I don't make it but what from what it seems like it seems like


somebody was like hello this is international police we need 50,000


right now or someone will steal your credit card information.


Like it was like really obvious, right?


Yeah, and what's really interesting, okay, there's a couple interesting things about this.


The first one is that she is the cuts financial advice


columnists, like she is the financial advice person for the cut, which I think her


whole thing was this is she was like I want to like eliminate stigma


around like people who


fall for scams because it really could happen to anyone like even to me and then


she has this whole like totally jackoff like paragraph about how she like would never fall for a scam because she like exercises


a lot and she's like basically saying like I'm white and I'm well off and I exercise and I


went to an Ivy League and so I would not like it was it was so like she like it just destroyed the point that she


was trying to make which is like I did this to prove that anyone but even me


who's like better than all of you could also thing about this camp.


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