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My Year of Prolonged Suffering and Decrepitude


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 28 February 2024

⏱️ 82 minutes

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Welcome to Binch Topia.


We hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi everybody, welcome back to Binchtopia.


Hello and welcome back.


I'm Julia Hava, I'm Eliza McClam.


If you would like to get a Binchtopia episode every week you can go to our


Patreon which is Patreon.com slash Binchtopia where you can get access to bonus


episodes, monthly media soads and our monthly zooms. So true our last bonus episode was the return of bad book club and we talked


about the original bad romance novel 50 Shades of Gray which was a time. It was a time. It was really a time. People love


these episodes you guys and we really depend on you guys to tell us what bad


books we need to read next. So like if you're a Patreon Knight and you're telling us like we


are taking note of your suggestions. Trust. Know that. Because honestly we


asked so many of you what to do and when we read a court of Thorn and roses and many people


people are a lot of people are upset about this a lot of people are like why did I read this book for no reason girl we get it the thing is I also read literally almost every single book in that


series for no reason like I didn't need to because it hooks you it really gets you you


know really traps you but it's not bad enough to do a bad book club on. So it's kind of like a bad middle ground in that way.


Yeah, no, it's true. The thing about bad book club is it needs to be so agree. Like you need to be reading it being like,


oh, there was no editor involved in this process.


We need to be cackling, like Eliza and I need to be cackling.


So yeah, that's the deal with that, but we're loving it. We love reading bad books. I just came back from giving somebody the Rorschock ink blot test, which is very exciting. Do you know what that is?


Oh, were they crazy? Just kidding. I won't make you break HIPAA right now.


I mean, it's also like not about that. Like I can't, you can't tell like is someone crazy based on the answers.


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