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Getting to the -core of It


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 7 February 2024

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The girlies dive deep into the micro-trends that have been populating the internet over the last few years. From cottage-core to ballet-core, clean girl to mob wife, they rank microaesthetics based on the level of abject harm they cause to women, the pedophilic undertones, and whether or not they make their brains Soup. Digressions include welcoming Ballerina Farm into the NYT club and digging up dirt on the other Mormon influencers.

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Do you know what a testimony is?


Is that a thing that Christian people do?


In what context?


When people are like, I just came on here to share my testimony.


Oh, yeah, they had us do that at the Young Life Bible Camp that I was like low-key


religiously traumatized. Have I talked about my experience at the Bible Camp?


Yes, when you like got really religious because they like psychologically tortured you so you thought you like felt


God but it was just like live music and like sleep deprivation. Yeah for real and then there was also this one


night where they like scared because they just make you have a bunch of fun on the first day and then the second day they're like sin and it was just really like scare the


the second day they're like sin and they just really like scare the shit out of


you basically then you go back to the cabin and everybody like confesses their


greatest sin and all the girls are like I was molested and we're all like


yes and that was your sin and it was like really


fucking awful the first day is fun second day is horror and then the last day is


fun because it's like Jesus it's kind of like the resurrection of Jesus


basically that you go through emotionally so on the last day like on the morning of the last day you give like your testimony


What if you don't have a testimony like that? No they really pressure you into doing it because they're like if you found God this weekend like take the mic like


I'm passing it around and then I'm here and take the mic what they do is actually


trick you into doing it because they say like if you have never been to young life


like stand up and so then everybody who's never been stands up and they're like now


we're gonna pass the microphone around and you say into the microphone your commitment to God and I was like


damn okay and so then you basically have to be like I was broken I was lost like


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