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Fun Family Friday - Investing In Our Children

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🗓️ 10 May 2024

⏱️ 83 minutes

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This evening, Apollo is joined by a special guest in honor of mothers day, his mom, Lisa! Together the two reflect on childhood stories, what it means to be a mother, pushing back on big pharma and drugging our kids, being an antivaxx parent, and much more! Happy Friday, Happy Mothers day, and God Bless You!

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Welcome back to Conservative Daily guys.


Damn it, I did not plan on starting the show crying.


But here I am.


And it's Friday, so... So, we're going to do a fun family Friday today, but I saw that clip earlier.


I retweeted it. I re-


re-exed it I don't know what we call it anymore I don't know what we call anything anymore


because they like bastardize all the language anyways


uh... and everything keeps changing so So it's weird.


I like feel like I'm dating myself as I speak sometimes


as all of these things change, but that is the way of things.


So welcome and happy Friday everybody. I played that song at the beginning because it spoke to me because I'm very grateful for my mother.


And you know, I'm blessed that I got to grow up with one


because some don't, let alone one is incredible as mine. And you know


lately we have a you know Joe and I went to Guatemala and regarding all this trafficking stuff and I just I pray every day and you know we think we have it bad, we realize how many children there are in this country and


and so many others that are ripped away from their parents.


They don't have normal childhoods, and some of them end very quickly.


So we continue to pray.


I dug that little clip.


That dude just had some good vibes and sometimes it's something as simple as that.


That one, that last line in there, I'm gonna play just this part.


This is the truest, the truest words that I've ever heard and then I'm


gonna move on the show so just listen to these last line or two one more time. God made the universe knows me by my name so it's a good day.


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