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FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE! w Joe Oltmann and Patrick Byrne

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🗓️ 10 May 2024

⏱️ 60 minutes

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Joe starts the day discussing Trump's persecution and corruption in the justice system. He moves on to election crime letters and welcomes Patrick Byrne to discuss his Dominion court case. Byrne predicts machine removal before Election Day and suggests Michelle Obama might replace Biden. Post-Byrne, Joe covers unsealed Trump court documents, surrogacy trends, and expresses faith in God's victory.

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Good morning. Sorry, we're a few minutes late.


We do have a great guest today and we're gonna be talking about a lot of stuff.


There's a, man, so you have the Missouri AG, so let me go through a couple things with you.


You, President Trump yesterday decided to talk about the justice system and the fact that it is absolutely being abused and that the people in it are


corrupt to the core and we have a rotted system.


Now poor people could have told you this for a long time. They could have told you


about these judges and magistrates and how absolutely evil they are. It


wouldn't take long just have a conversation with anyone that sits below the poverty index


that's had to engage with this system. But the Missouri AG, Andrew Bailey is


demanding that DOJ release communications


with Soros funded DA's Alvin Bragg, Latisha James, and Fannie Willis.


Meanwhile Judge Aileen Cannon is unsealing documents related to Marilago raid.


Finally, we're starting to get somewhere.


If we follow the trail of evidence, we can expose the corruption behind the Trump witch hunt plus today we have Patrick Byrne


joining us to weigh in on the Dominion Foreign Interference case there's so much


stuff that's coming out it's unbelievable what's coming out so let's just get right to it. I'm going to I'm going to keep going


and talking about Peter Burninger again because I think the guy is first of all


he's being prosecuted and it's really it's silly it's silly what's


happening there's another email that was put out is this the one to Jim Jordan there's another one that was put out. Is this the one to Jim Jordan? There's another one that was put


out to, let's see if I can find it really quick. It was put out to Scott Perry.


Let me grab this really. It was put out to Scott Perry.


Let me grab this really quick.


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