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FH Mini 87 - Jim Possible?

The Flop House

Dan McCoy

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🗓️ 19 August 2023

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Dan tries to answer the question, "what would make a Jim Belushi movie appealing to you?"

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to the flop house. I'm Dan McCoy.


I'm Stuart Wellington. Sorry. Stuart's already on the beaches of Greece. Guys, I zoned out


because I remembered that Lars von Trier posted on Instagram today an offer for people


to send in a submission to be his girlfriend. And he put his actual email address on the


video. It's crazy. That would be an off-putting thing to suddenly remember in the middle


of a podcast taping. I'm Emily Kaelin and I'm the other co-host and I can't wait to tell


you live in the show about flop TV, our monthly live video show, but we'll get to that


later in the show. Yeah. So what we could just go do the flop house dot simple takes dot


com for tickets, but I'll tell you that. Great. Yeah. So what we usually do on the show


in our so-called main episodes is to watch a bad movie and then talk about it and then we


do these minis, which are more freeform, do what you like. Usually we trade around who


has evidence by what you've already listened. Yeah, these are more than jazz episodes,


you know, yeah. So I'll be heading up this mini and allow me to start with an introduction


that provides a modicum of the illusion of a framework and reason behind what I'm about


to do. Okay. Here we go. Jim Belushi. For much of his career, he's been a punching bag


for critics. He was often criticized unfairly for not being his brother John and was often


criticized more fairly for just not being that funny. I think it was fairly when they criticized


him for not being his brother John when he would catfish women and show up having pretended


to like his brother John. That was yeah. But yeah, Jim Belushi has been the poster child for


Shlubby White Guy mediocrity. He's had a minor late career reassessment for some things. I think


he's a kind of a dependable character now. I like to men. Twin Peaks the return, for example.


I thought he was well used. But I mean, he's great and thief. But back when he was a leading man,


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