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February 3, 1521: The Gate to Paradise [Rebroadcast]

Luther: In Real Time

Ligonier Ministries

Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, History

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🗓️ 19 November 2021

⏱️ 10 minutes

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As his students gather around him, Martin Luther answers their questions and plays along with their goading. But when the professor starts to tell of his miraculous conversion, the room is marked by an awed silence. Listen along today--more than five centuries later.

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It's February the 3rd, 1521, Vittenburg. Still no word from Emperor Charles V. Would Charles


take up Luther's case and give him the chance to defend himself against the Pope?


Mercifully, given Luther's tendency to slip into dark melancholy and self-recrimination,


there is precious little time for him to sit alone with his thoughts. He has students


to teach, sermons to prepare and deliver, sick and elderly congregants to care for. Plus,


there were the letters he received each week, dozens and dozens of them, and Luther is determined


to answer each one.


I could use two secretaries. I do almost nothing during the day, but write letters. On top


of that, I am a reader at Meals, a parochial preacher, a director of studies, an overseer


of eleven monasteries, a lecturer on Paul, a collector of material for the commentary


on the Psalms, and super-intent of the fish pond at Litzka.


Even at the dinner table, students gathered about him asking questions, goading and provoking


him. They knew that an enraged Luther was good dinner entertainment, and he was happy


to play along.


Herr Doctor, have you seen the catalog of your patron Frederiks relics? He has acquired


more than 20,000 holy relics, all illustrated by Lucas Kranak.


Yaya, a piece of straw from the manger, a tooth from St. Jerome, four hairs from the head


of Jesus' mother, a hair from Jesus' beard, and his most prized relic, a thorn certified


by the Pope to have pierced the Savior's brow.


Frederiks is your patron, Herr Doctor, your protector. You do not appreciate his collection?


He is a good man, and I thank God for his protection. But what lies there are about relics?


One claims to have a feather from the wing of the ancient Gabriel.


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