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Favorite AEW TV Matches of 2023

AEW Unrestricted


Wrestling, Sports

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🗓️ 4 January 2024

⏱️ 46 minutes

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Will & Ref Aubrey break down their favorite AEW TV matches of 2023 including the Tribute to Jay Briscoe on Dynamite; the FTR vs The Bullet Club Gold Best of 3 Falls on Collision; the BCC-Best Friends Parking Lot Street Fight on Rampage; Bryan Danielson & Rush’s bloody battle on AEW Dynamite Fight Night; Kenny Omega’s return to the ring vs El Hijo del Vikingo on Dynamite; the Kenny Omega-Jon Moxley Steel Cage Match; and the Bryan Danielson-Ricky Starks Texas Death Match on Collision, among many other awesome matches! AEW Unrestricted video episodes available Mondays at 1pm Pacific on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ4e4Lb87XTzETPZyj7nZoJ4xPBjKdzgy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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We're about the party.


Undistrict it.


Got the house now.


We gonna turn it up up, bring the house down.


Got the base space pump and make them bounce now.


Flos it like they're bossing in the freaks are coming out. Hello and welcome to AEEW Unrestricted, which is funny enough the 200th episode of AEEW Unrestricted,


which is funny enough, the 200th episode of AEW unrestricted. I am Aubrey Edwards co-host of 199 episodes


Along with my co-host Will Washington. How are you doing buddy?


I'm doing great. Yeah, that's right. There's one episode without you. Yeah. Not gonna lie that one was definitely


Nerveracking just because it's like hey, it's just you and Tony on this one and so and you were still like new too. So it's hard to like guide a Tony preview episode like by yourself. Yeah, but surprisingly like Tony was happy with it. I'm happy with it. Of course there we go there we go you guys hang out together a lot like just because you're in his office on show day. So it makes total sense. I was just like here's the equipment. I feel like shit and I just moved to bed. Yes but no episode 200 I mean to have done


200 of these and that's not exactly something that kind of shake your head at because like that we only do this once a week so we're


talking about four years of this show and that going back you know for a four-year-old


company actually at this point you know, for a four-year-old company, actually at this point, Ew's officially, five years old this


week, but going back to the beginning of dynamite, this show has existed.


Yeah, it's wild.


You've been a part of nearly all of them.


All of these interviews, we've had so many. It's kind of a cool peak behind the scenes and a cool peak at people's lives and things along those lines. I used to be a listener of this


show. Now I have to listen to it because I'm here. Now you're going to listen to me


as well. Yes, I've heard every episode I've been on right, no I but that's the thing is I've listened to


nearly every interview that the show had done and to be here now is so cool and I'm so


happy for you to have hit 200 episodes.


I'm happy to be a part of all the ones


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