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Fav Guests & Moments of 2023 with Mark Briscoe, Billy Gunn, Jeff Jarrett, Prince Nana, Roderick Strong & RJ City

AEW Unrestricted


Wrestling, Sports

4.81.9K Ratings

🗓️ 21 December 2023

⏱️ 43 minutes

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It’s our favorite moments and stories of AEW Unrestricted from 2023, and that means a little singing and celebrating shrimp cocktail style with Prince Nana; applauding the accomplishments of all four of Billy Gunn’s “sons,” reliving favorite in-ring opponents with Roderick Strong, remembering the late, great Jay Briscoe with his brother Mark, making peace with Jeff Jarrett, and devolving into hilarious chaos with RJ City.

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We're about the party.




Got the house now.


We gonna turn it up up, bring the house down.


Got their base space pump and make them bounce now.


Floss it like they're bossing in the free to come. Hey everybody it is Aubrey Edwards here at AEWN


restricted and this is gonna be a really fun episode because we're gonna


kind of recap some of our favorite guests and our


favorite moments from the podcast this past year. This was a really


transformative year for AWU unrestricted if you've been a subscriber the entire time


you know that I've gone through a myriad of co-hosts.


Started the year with my close personal friend Tony Shivani, which I know is one of the most


wonderful people on screen that our fans love but also backstage is such a beloved


person at aew and such an important person to what we do so I kind of knew going into the year that his responsibilities had increased and I totally


first saw him kind of stepping back from the podcast.


But I just want to give him his flowers because he has done so much for me in my career and in so many other people's careers and to see him


thriving backstage in his role has just been so so wonderful. So for those of you the Miss Tony Chavani, I'm sorry, but know that he is helping


AEW on a grander scale, so deal with it. Then we had Alex Aberhentes who filled in and just an incredible


incredible guy and he's one of those guys at a ew that you tell him to jump he says how high he's already midway up the air


he does Spanish commentary he does managing he did podcast hosting and then at the same time he ends up working at QVC selling laptops for people. Like it's insane the number of things this guy


does and he's always insanely positive. Couldn't be more thankful. And then we got Will. And I love Will Washington. He's


literally one of my best friends that I see at work and every time I see in my


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