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Family Affair (Season 1 Update: Part III)

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

Documentary, True Crime, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 15 November 2022

⏱️ 38 minutes

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This episode is the last of a three-part update on Appalachian Mysteria Season 1 — Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. Without a doubt, these three episodes will be the most important updates since the season finished airing in 2018. In this episode, Devona Coffey — formerly Devona Daft — finds out about the existence of Geoff and Sarah’s book, and one paragraph in particular makes her blood boil. The passage leads to an emotional confrontation in the holler, and eventually to Devona contacting the Mysteria crew to share a long-buried family secret. The terminally ill aunt who took care of Devona after her father’s death confides in her about the night Mared & Karen went missing, and a growing chorus of voices in the family echo the story. But is it all true, or a story contrived to create a dangerous mystique around career criminals? The WVU Coed Murders: Who Killed Mared & Karen? — Geoff & Sarah’s book, now available at Amazon. The book goes into much greater detail about the entire case than the podcast could allow for, and is the first mention of the Dafts. (Chapter 15) Thank you to our sponsor Ritual! Visit ritual.com/MYSTERIA today and get 10% off your first 3 orders.

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This is the last of three updates on Appalachian Mysteria Season 1, the WVU Co-Ed murders.


If you haven't listened to Season 1 or if you haven't listened to the previous update,


which is part 2, you should definitely do that before listening to this episode.


Last time we were introduced to Devana Coffee, who told us a number of disturbing stories


about growing up with the expansive Draft family, many of whom populated the hollow where


the bodies of Meriden Karen were found.


We also heard from Rosemary Draft, who confirmed many of these stories.


Rosemary was the sister of the three Draft boys that are now prime suspects in the murder


of Meriden Karen, Jimmy, Ivan, and Dale.


According to Rosemary, she saw Ivan's car at the place where the girls' bodies were


found that very night.


Later, Ivan's wife Virginia confided in her that Ivan had come home one night around


that time, demanding her help in burning that car, which contained a bloody blanket in the




Virginia's swore Rosemary to secrecy, and Rosemary says that Ivan would have killed


Virginia if he knew she'd told anyone.


In this episode, Devana, the estranged niece of Jimmy, Ivan, and Dale, reveals the near-death


bed confession that another of the boys' sisters made nearly 20 years ago.


From Chromatic Media and the heart of Morgantown, West Virginia, this is Appalachian Mysteria.


Devana had not listened to the podcast about these murders when she first got in touch


with us, but she had read a specific portion of the book, and there was one particular paragraph


that bothered her a great deal.


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