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Facing Demons (Season 1 Update: Part II)

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

Documentary, True Crime, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 8 November 2022

⏱️ 49 minutes

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This episode is the second of a three-part update on Appalachian Mysteria Season 1 — Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. Without a doubt, these three episodes will be the most important updates since the season finished airing in 2018. In this episode, we’re reintroduced to Danny Strakal, host of the YouTube series Spirit Walk Paranormal. Danny’s history with the spirit realm began in his childhood, but his full-scale investigations began after the release of our first podcast season. A viewer of Danny’s channel connects him with Dave Campbell, another man who was there at the moment Mared and Karen’s bodies were discovered. After spending time together on several investigations, Dave claims to have received a vision of two men that he believes are the murderers. When Sarah shows him a lineup of our best suspects, he tells us that two of the men — members of the same family that lived in the hollow where the girls were killed — were known to pick up and rape hitchhikers. This leads to the first of two damning testimonies from members of their family. Their niece struggles with the dark history of her childhood, and their sister finally reveals a story that had been sworn to secrecy. The WVU Coed Murders: Who Killed Mared & Karen? — Geoff & Sarah’s book, now available at Amazon. Coming in at 400 pages, the book goes into much greater detail than the podcast could allow for, and is the first mention of the new suspects we talk about in this episode and the next. Spirit Walk Paranormal: Closer to the Truth — Video of the Spirit Walk crew’s visit and interview with Dave Campbell. Thank you to our sponsor Ritual! Visit Ritual.com/MYSTERIA today and get 10% off your first 3 orders.

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This is our second of three updates on season one, the WVU Co-Ed murders.


If you've not listened to season one, you should definitely go back and do that before


listening to these updates.


In our last update, a National Guardsman who helped locate the bodies of Meredith


Karen initiated a new search by cadaver dogs with his theories on the whereabouts of their




After they seemed to alert at two locations, another dog was called in for a second look.


A quick correction from that last episode, we said that police quote, called in their


own cadaver dog, but they actually called in an experienced independent dog handler rather


than one owned by the state police.


The heads never turned up, though a ground penetrating radar is supposedly on the way to


do a final search.


In this episode, family members of Suspects, we have not yet discussed on the podcast,


reveal why they believe their relatives are guilty of murdering Meredith and Karen.


But first, paranormal investigations in the holler.


In Chromatic Media and the heart of Morgantown West Virginia, this is Appalachian Mysteria.


We begin in the rain less than a mile from where Meredith and Karen's bodies were found.


Sarah is here, Jeff is not, and there are a few other people with us that you haven't


been introduced to yet.


One is Danny Strickle.


Danny is the creator and primary host of the YouTube channel Spirit Walk Paranormal.


To really understand the reason he's out here with us, you have to go all the way back


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