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Episode 200: The Weepy Voiced Killer


Morbid Network | Wondery

Comedy, Society & Culture, True Crime, Exhibit C

4.589.9K Ratings

🗓️ 10 January 2021

⏱️ 71 minutes

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This week Alaina covers the weepy voiced killer for our 209th episode! In 1980 on New Year’s Eve Paul Michael Stephani brutally attacked Karen Potack after abducting her from outside of a bar. She sustained some of the worst injuries seen by investigators, but she lived. This would be the first in a string of bizarre an gruesome attacks on women that potentially would lead to murder. The strangest piece of this case is that the killer called the police himself to report the attack....an he did it while weeping hysterically.

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Hey, weirdos.


I'm Alena.


My name is Ash.


And this is morbid.


And a lot of you were sad that I didn't see it.


So I broke my intro, New Year's resolution.


You went so far with that.


I know, huh?


So everybody was like sad, so you gotta give the people what they want.


You do.


And you know what?


I think everyone was sad because they could feel it that you didn't really want to stop.


I didn't.


I did not.


You thought you wanted to, but like deep down inside.


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