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Episode 2: More Butchery | Devilish Deeds


The Drag Audio Production House

True Crime

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🗓️ 9 March 2023

⏱️ 37 minutes

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A few months after the death of the first victim, another Black woman working as a servant in Austin is killed. And then another. With three murder victims and a clear pattern, modern officials would know that a serial killer is likely behind the attacks. With few forensic tools at their disposal, Austin’s small and racist police force rounds up Austin’s Black men. The killings don’t stop.

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You're listening to The Drag.


It's May 23rd, 1885. It's a busy week in Austin, Texas. There's a carnival at the Scottish Right, Masonic Temple formerly known as Turner Hall.


There's a small fire in someone's kitchen and a local woman dies of the quote, fearful disease, smallpox in the citizens of Austin fear and outbreak.


According to the city of a physician, the woman's husband unknowingly spread smallpox while he was mourning her death.


The man and a handful of other people who came into contact with are ordered to quarantine.


This is all fairly typical for the developing city of Austin, Texas. Construction continues on the new Texas Capitol building in the heart of the city.


Just a few blocks north of where the Capitol was soon stand, Irene Cross is fast asleep after a long day of work.


She's 33 years old in a widow, but she lives with her son Washington and her nephew Douglas.


She's a black woman who works as a domestic servant and lives in a small outbuilding on her employer's property.


Austin has been terrorized by a series of brutal attacks on primarily black and immigrant domestic servants for the past five months.


Two women are dead, but it's been three weeks since the last attack.


Irene wakes in the middle of the night. Her nephew sleeps in a joining room, but there's a stranger in the room she serves with her son Washington.


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