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Episode 3: Thirst For Blood | Devilish Deeds


The Drag Audio Production House

True Crime

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🗓️ 9 March 2023

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Austin’s city leaders begin to panic amid the bloodshed and bring in outside detectives to help the city’s underperforming police force. Although six Black women have been killed in less than a year, the city and the nation show much deeper concern when two white women are killed in just one night. The mayor, governor, the media and the Black and white communities desperately search for the killer … or killers.

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You're listening to The Drag.


It's October 3rd, 1885. Six people are dead and more than a dozen attacked after an unknown murderer has terrorized Austin for nine months.


The killer has targeted Austin's black community in the dead of night. Multiple black men are in jail, all accused of some kind of connection to the attacks.


The two most likely suspects, Oliver Townsend and Doc Woods, are in jail based on eyewitness testimony that's shaky at best.


And despite the arrests, fear still pulses throughout the city. With the police organized night patrol units, the threat of lynching rises, targeting not just those arrested in relation to the crimes, but also black men throughout the city incarcerated or not.


Even though the newspapers claim law enforcement are trying to prevent the lynchings, they might be involved in them too.


The night of October 3rd, Austin City Marshall Grimsley arrives at the front door of the black elephant saloon, one of the only black owned businesses in East Austin.


The black elephant saloon was a hot spot for police to look for crime. The Daily Statement says it should, quote, bear watching.


The Marshall is looking for a man named Alex Mack, sometimes called Alec Mack and the newspaper reports. The Daily Statement was kind of obsessed with him and had reported Mack's behavior several times before detailing his arrests for being drunk and disturbing the peace.


According to the story, Mack tells the Austin Daily Statement. The city Marshall finds Mack at the black elephant and asks Mack to walk down the street with him.


The Marshall says that there are two black men he wants Mack to identify, but he doesn't say why. They continue walking the dark streets of Austin.


When Mack and the Marshall arrive at their destination, there's a police officer in the three noble detectives from Houston waiting for them.


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