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Distractions Will Rob You Of Your Destiny In 2024

Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care

Education, Health & Fitness, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 1 January 2024

⏱️ 43 minutes

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Happy 2024!! I am so excited to be entering the new year with you. There are many distractions happening right now that, if allowed, will get you all caught up, deplete your energy and take you completely off your path. If 2024 is your year of elevation, healing, cycle breaking and much more, you absolutely must listen to this episode today because this is specifically for you.

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Hey, hey what's going on you're listening to the Brown Girl Self Care


podcast my name is Brie Mitchell. I'm the host of the show as well as the


founder of Brown Girl Self Care. Brown Girl Self Care is a space and


platform of intentional healing joy and abundance for black women.


Let's go ahead and get into today's episode where I want to talk about distractions.


I want to talk about distractions.


I hope that you have your journal and a pen handy because we're going to go in in this short episode.


This is the end of the year. Today is Monday, the first actually of the year, I think I said the end of the year, my bad, I'm recording this at the end of the year.


But today is the first. First of all, happy 2024. Happy 2024. We made it okay. I'm just really I feel very


blessed to be here I'm excited to be here I'm excited just to I don't know I just it's it's a new year it's a new year and there's always like this feeling of just newness and and I don't know just opportunities and just different growth opportunities and life and it just things just feel really good right now in a nutshell because it's a new year.


So yeah, happy 2024. We made it girl. We made it. So, I guess first of all, what I want to say because again I do want to talk about


distractions as we approach this new chapter of our lives 2024 but I do like to give a small little thing that I've done for


self-care when I remember to do that on the podcast and so before I talk about the main topic which again I want to talk about


Distractions and I don't want you getting caught up in Distractions that's the point I do want to let you know that when it comes to self-care in the last week or last few weeks


honestly December has been really rough if you've listened to the last few


episodes you know I've had to spend or invest I don't like to say spend because spend


means waste you you know, but I needed to invest money to get things repaired around the house and different things like that.


And on top of that, I ended up buying a new refrigerator which I got in the last


week and you may think okay so what girl you got a new refrigerator I know, but the thing is I'm sharing this with you


and why this is self-care is not because or not just because yeah


it's a shiny new refrigerator blah blah blah blah.


But when it comes to investing money for me it can be hard it can be hard it can


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