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Coach Builder Part 7—How to Achieve Financial Stability as a Coach

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 19 March 2024

⏱️ 24 minutes

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Coach Builder is available now! Order it at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast and get an 8-step plan to become a self-employed business coach so you can make great money doing something you love every single day.


Are you a coach wondering where your next paycheck will come from? Many consultants and coaches are concerned about earning enough and growing their business. They’re anxious about maintaining a steady income, debating whether to quit their job for full-time coaching, and questioning if they can keep their business afloat during tough times. Simply hoping isn't enough to achieve financial stability and build a strong business. You need a solid plan for setting and achieving realistic goals.

In the 7th episode of our Coach Builder limited series, host Donald Miller, joined by producer Bobby Richards, shares strategies for setting effective goals to advance your coaching business. He’ll show you how to set realistic financial targets, decide how many products to sell, and understand the best ways to connect with customers. Focusing on these key areas will lead you to a profitable coaching career. Listen in and learn how to turn your financial concerns into practical steps toward success.

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Hey coaches I'm here with our podcast producer Bobby Richards.


Bobby how are you today?


I'm doing good.


Bobby we're going to talk to listeners today who are worried about where their


money is going to come from this year.


They're worried about whether or not their coaching business is going to be from this year. They're worried about whether or not their coaching


business is going to be able to grow. They're worried about leaving their job


and starting a coaching business or they're worried about whether or not there's going


to be a season this year like there was last year where they don't know if they can pay the mortgage or keep being a coach or go look for another job.


All of that concern, I believe we have the solution on today's episode.


And for that I think everyone now is leaning in further to listen.


I really do believe it.


People have tried what we're going to talk about on this episode,


but they didn't try it in the way that we say to do it.


And of course all of you are wondering, what's the mystery?


Today we're going to talk about goal setting, but don't turn us off.


Don't turn us off.


There's a way to set goals that is very different when it comes to running a business that works a lot better and you've not done it before.


But today we're going to teach you how to do it.


With that, welcome to Coach Builder, a Business Made Simple Podcast, limited, to teach you exactly how to turn your skills


and expertise into a successful coaching business.


All of this is based on my new book, Coach Builder.


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