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Coach Builder Part 6—Create a Marketing and Product Ladder to Retain More Clients

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 12 March 2024

⏱️ 25 minutes

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Do new coaching clients seem hard to come by, and existing ones hard to keep? Despite delivering top-notch coaching, you might find yourself in a constant hunt for new clients, unable to scale your business. This usually happens when you lack a clear marketing and product ladder. Without a structured plan to show potential clients how they can progress with your coaching, it's tough to build lasting relationships. So how do you create a roadmap that makes your clients want to stick around longer?

In the 6th episode of our Coach Builder limited series, host Donald Miller breaks down how to set up a marketing and product ladder for your coaching business. Starting with basics like sending an effective email, he’ll guide you on ways to nurture deeper client relationships. Listen in and learn how to create a detailed marketing plan and a comprehensive product suite that meets your clients’ needs at every stage of their journey!

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Hey coaches, thanks for listening to the Coach Builder podcast.


Today we're going to help you climb the ladder of success.


You think you're successful, but my friend, you're on a low rung.


You got to climb up high, we're going to teach you how to do that what am I talking about


climbing a ladder well I'll answer that question for you because it's actually


gonna help you grow your coaching career today my podcast producer Bobby Richards and I are going to help you grow your coaching career. Today my podcast producer, Bobby Richards and I,


are going to have a conversation about how to keep going in a relationship with a client.


Most clients, look, they last 12 or 18 months and they're gone.


But how do you keep a client for 15 years and offer them more and more value?


You do that by helping create a ladder that they can climb all the way up to the very top where you're giving the most possible


value that you can give them.


Bobby and I are going to have that conversation next.


If you're interested in having clients for 10 times as long as you do right now,


stay tuned.


With that, welcome to Coach Builder, a Business Made Simple


podcast limited series to teach you exactly how to turn your skills and


expertise into a successful coaching business. All of this is based on my new book


Coach Builder.


It is out now. You can go get it on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble,


wherever you buy books.


I am your host, vulnerable question. I'm going to ask you a question and you got to be vulnerable.


We don't have to be.


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