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Coach Builder Part 1—How to Pivot Your Career Into A Profitable Coaching Business

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 6 February 2024

⏱️ 19 minutes

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How can you make money from your expertise and become known as a coach? It's a big question for many who have significant experience in their field and want to switch to coaching or consulting. Potential coaches grapple with the fear of leaving behind a secure job for the “unpredictable” world of coaching, questioning whether their knowledge is marketable and if they can truly make a living out of their passion. They often struggle to get started because they’re stuck wondering: how do I pivot my career and reinvent myself as a coach?

In the first episode of Coach Builder, a limited series by Business Made Simple, host Donald Miller shares success stories of real people who were doing well in their career, decided to transition into coaching, and absolutely crushed it. And this path is possible for almost anyone. Don offers real-world insight to help future coaches see the incredible potential to use what they know to make a great living and create a life they love. Listen in and learn how you, too, can turn your expertise into a profitable coaching business!

Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast.

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Whenever people start a coaching business they have two main insecurities the first is this how in the world am I going to make money as a coach what am I going to sell am I going to be able to sell it is anybody going to buy my coaching know, it's a big deal because you're giving up a lot of security there to move into coaching. The second is, how am I going to pivot my career? I've been doing what I've been doing for 20 or sometimes 30 years and I know how to do it really, really well, but how do I turn around and pivot my career and become known as a coach? Those are too big insecurities. The sad thing is they're not actually that big a deal. Just in a couple hours you can have all the confidence that you need that you're going to be


able to make money as a coach and that you're basically just going to be able to coach.


Imagine turning your knowledge and passion into a thriving coaching business that only makes a difference


but provides great living for you and your family.


You can impact people, you can change lives, and you can make a living doing it, not just a little


living, you can make more money than you made in your previous career.


With that, welcome to Coach Builder, a business made simple you made


simple limited series while I'll be unpacking the eight steps you need to take to


leverage that expertise that you have into a profitable coaching career.


It's all based on my new book,


Coach Builder, which releases March 12. All right, let's dive in. Bobby Richards trusted podcast producer is there a chance we could record this episode and you edit it


without actually listening to it. Huh. I'm worried. Now I only want to listen to


this episode because this is an episode about how to pivot your


career into a coaching business and you're sort of the perfect guy who could do this.


Me? Which means we would lose you.


Hold on. Okay, well now...


Now you're curious.


Yeah, like I said, now I only want to listen to this episode.


But with the caveat of if I do use these powers, I would use them for good for you.


You would use them for good. The problem is I'd have to find a new podcast producer.


You could easily start a coaching business teaching people to create their own podcast.


Like you could be a podcast coach and you because you understand the


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