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Coach Builder Limited Series PREVIEW—Your First Step to Starting a Successful Coaching Business

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 30 January 2024

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Many people are afraid to leave their full-time jobs because they're not sure they could ever make it on their own as a coach or consultant. The stakes are too high. There's too much to learn. Where do you even begin in such a crowded marketplace? Here's the truth: coaches with a clear plan and who follow the right steps to grow their businesses survive. Coaches without a plan don't. Our new nine-part Coach Builder limited podcast series is here to walk you through those steps!

Just follow the Business Made Simple Podcast feed, and every Tuesday starting February 6th for nine weeks, host Donald Miller will unpack how you can start turning your expertise into a thriving coaching business. In this preview of an upcoming episode, Don breaks down the very first step you need to take to start this journey.

If you're ready to put an end to feeling undervalued at work and embark down the path to becoming a successful coach, don't miss the upcoming Coach Builder limited podcast series. Follow the Business Made Simple Podcast feed wherever you stream podcasts, and every Tuesday for nine weeks starting February 6th, you'll learn the essential steps to establish a thriving coaching business, allowing you to make more money by working less and build a career you love!

Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast.

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There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people out there who could


literally pivot their career into coaching but they don't know they could do it. If you have


years of experience, if you have knowledge that other people would pay for, if you


could quickly create a system that you could sell to those people to transform them in some way in


almost any area of expertise. What if there was a series of podcast episodes that you


could listen to that would explain how to do this? Well, if you are ready to step away from your career, if your


career feels draining, uninspired, if you're tired of it, you want to make a lot of money


doing something you love every single day, join me for the Coach Builder Limited Series. It's a nine-part limited


podcast series dropping Tuesdays right here in the Business Made Simple


Podcast feed and that starts February 6th. In an upcoming episode I'm going to


break down how to start creating a menu of products that is foundational to your coaching business.


Take a listen.


Bobby, if you had to start a coaching business tomorrow, what is the number one thing you're worried about?


How are we going to feed my family?


Yeah, how are you going to feed your family? Yeah, and on today's episode, we're going to talk about


step one in the coach builder book. I mean, we're just going to


tackle it right away. So Step 1 is create a menu of products. A lot of people who start coaching


businesses, they don't even think about a menu of products.


Like they think I'm a chef so I want to cook for people, but that's not going to sell.


What's going to sell if you start a restaurant is you're going to do the


here's your breakfast menu here's your


you have to figure out the menu every business that you can think of you figure out the


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