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Classics Revisited: The Business of Sex

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Daniel Mainwaring

Documentary, Society & Culture:documentary, Society & Culture, History

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🗓️ 30 December 2023

⏱️ 32 minutes

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This was a peculiar episode because frankly, the topic wasn’t on my radar until a female brothel owner from Nevada contacted me wanting to share her story. That interview was broadcast in the following episode but the suggestion led me to to this episode. At the time, I had been dusting off my Piers Gaveston episode which I have been kicking down the road since episode one though it eventually aired this year. But, having spoken to ”Kiki Smith” I was intrigued by her motivations, her business savvy, and the fact that she was in control of production versus individuals who work in the same realm at the behest of others. I wasn’t entirely sure how such a controversial and divisive topic would be received by listeners but it was the most listened to episode of 2023. This episode contains adult content and is not suitable for young listeners. In this episode, I speak with Kiki Smith — not her real name. But she is a stay at home mom and a married woman who makes a quite lucrative living posting as KS Wifey on websites including Only Fans, many vids and even her own domain: kswifey.com. What led her into this industry? How does it affect her relationship with her husband? What are the pitfalls and perks? A candid discussion about a growing yet controversial segment of the sex industry. Guest: Kiki Smith KS Wifey on Onlyfans KS Wifey Official website

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This episode contains adult content and is not suitable for young listeners.


Every now and then, someone proposes the young listeners.


Every now and then is someone proposes a podcast subject matter that gives me pause for thought.


Is it too divisive, too controversial?


Can I do it justice?


Or is it something I just don't want to mess with?


I went through this process before deciding to do my episode on the controversial West Borough Baptist Church, as well as my


more recent episodes on Exicism, although due to very different concerns. And it's the process I've been going through again


since early this year, someone's suggesting I cover the business of sex.


It's a moral, legal, ethical mind thing. But the reason I decided to proceed was because the perspectives being offered were from women doing this work.


My discussions with these women were either. from women doing this work.


My discussions with these women were eye-opening.


I learned things I never knew, and other things that are utterly bizarre.


Over the next two episodes, I hope you'll listen to these stories.


Regardless of your own perspectives, these women have remarkable stories to share.


In this episode, I speak with Kiki Smith, not her real name.


But she is a stay-at-home mom, a married woman who makes quite a lucrative living, posting K-S-Y feed on sites including only


fans, many vids and even her own domain K-S-Y-Fy. So thank you for joining me and you know it's a little unusual to be doing


an interview with someone anonymously you know you're going by the name Kiki Smith which I understand obviously


you have concerns with privacy and safety and so forth so it's completely


understandable but how did you so it's completely understandable.


But how did you get involved in this business?


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