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Classics Revisited: Munich 1972

Fascinating People Fascinating Places

Daniel Mainwaring

Documentary, Society & Culture:documentary, Society & Culture, History

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🗓️ 23 December 2023

⏱️ 30 minutes

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In October 2023, Hamas terrorists massacred Israeli civilians as well as many foreign tourists in an unprecedented attack. Consequently, the Israeli government under Netanyahu launched retaliatory strikes on Gaza with manifold civilian deaths. Over 50 years ago, a similar attack at the Munich Olympics also led to severe repercussions for Palestinian civilians. I am rebroadcasting this episode which was among the most listened to during the last two years, with the hope that 10, 15, or 50 years from now this complex and ongoing conflict may find a peaceful and equitable resolution for all parties involved. In September 1972, the Olympic Motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” became an irrelevance as the world’s greatest sporting event was ravaged by violence and bloodshed as the Palestinian Black September group massacred 11 members of the Israeli delegation. In this episode, I discuss the Munich Massacre. Why it happened, how it happened, and whether it could have been prevented. Music by Pixabay

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Fascinating people,


Fascinating Places.


G'd Aye and welcome to the Dan Mainwearing podcast.


This is where we talk to and about the famous and the infamous,


the celebrated and the obscure, the well-known and the infamous and the obscure, the well known and the undiscovered, interviews, articles


and discussion from around the globe. In September of 1972 the


of 1972 the Olympic motto of faster, higher, stronger became an irrelevance as the world's greatest sporting event was ravaged by violence and bloodshed.


In this episode I discussed the Munich Massacre, why it happened, how it happened, and whether it could


have been prevented. The Olympics is supposed to be an apolitical event, but with Munich chosen as the host city, the 20th


olympiad was inevitably going to exist under a cloud of turbulent politics and history.


36 years earlier, Germany had hosted the games in Berlin.


Hitler viewed it as an opportunity to showcase the dominance of the so-called Aryan people. Like a modern Caesar, he stands on the balcony


to receive the salutes of the athletes of 50 nations.


Aikvarken! Athletes, including African American Jesse Owens, made a mockery of Hitler's ideology with


the American Jesse Owens made a mockery of Hitler's ideology with success in track and field.


But that event very nearly didn't happen.


As pressure grew to strip the Nazi regime of the events on account of their abhorrent treatment of the Jews.


Among those defending Germany's right to hold the games, was American Olympic Committee member Avery Brundich.


He said politics should have no impact on the game, while perversely also claiming the


protests were due to a conspiracy organized by Jews and communists.


Four decades later, Brandage was the president of the International Olympic Committee and


the figurehead of the event being held this time International Olympic and the


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