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Build Your Self-Worth, Redefine Rejection, and Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Jamie Kern Lima

Life with Marianna

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🗓️ 27 February 2024

⏱️ 37 minutes

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Change your relationship with rejection and build your self-worth with the founder of It Cosmetics and bestselling author, Jamie Kern Lima as she delves into the core concepts of her new book, 'Worthy.' In this episode, Jamie unveils statistics, revealing the percentage of women who struggle with feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. With a focus on her 20 tools for building unshakable self-worth, Jamie explores the profound impact self-worth has on every facet of our lives. Drawing a clear distinction between confidence and worth, she articulates the source of true self-worth. Through candid discussions on rejection, Jamie introduces her four-part framework, urging listeners to redefine rejection, reveal their current definitions, and ultimately transform their relationship with rejection to positively impact their self-worth.


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Worthy book 

Believe it book

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Tickets are on sale now at DearMedia.com slash IRL. see you on May 4th in Austin Texas. Hey, it's Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and host of The Life with


Mariana podcast and this episode is with Jamie Cur and Lima. She has a new book


out called Worthy and you guys might have heard


her on my podcast the first time she had her last book come out. It was called Believe It


and this is a follow-up book to that and it is so incredible the last book I


could not recommend enough and I think this one you guys will too.


I'm in the middle of reading it right now and so far it's amazing.


This book is all about self-worth and self-worth is really different than self-confidence and we


talk a lot about that in this episode and really feeling


feeling worthy of the things that we desire in this life.


And if you guys want, I have a few copies of this book to give away because I think


it's so valuable to so many of you.


I want to send it to a few of you along with some Summer Fridays


products so just screenshot where you're listening to this episode and tag me, Jamie and Life with Mariana.


I'll pick a couple of you guys to send a copy of the book to along with some goodies and before we get into the episode I have a really really exciting life update for you.


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