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Bonus Sample: Imaginary Children #1: Fetal Remains


Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker

Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Philosophy, Spirituality, Society & Culture, Science

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🗓️ 6 May 2024

⏱️ 5 minutes

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In the first full episode of this ongoing series, Matthew looks at the anti-abortion arcs of two men: Rob Schenck and Frank Pavone. Both leaders invested the images and remains of the unborn with passionate but imaginary desires that obscured from them how much harm they were causing. One of them exited that highway, but the other is still burning it up. Includes the story of Kermit Gosnell, and how his Philadelphia abortion abattoir exemplified a political and moral disaster worthy of Naomi Klein. An obvious, organized crime, something that everyone could see but some tried to paper over, aided and abetted by the dominant order and progressive hypocrisy. Something that becomes the focal point of reasonable rage, but then leads to twisted conclusions. Content warning: abortion details. Full Show Notes available on Patreon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hey everyone, welcome to Conspiratoriality, where we investigate the intersection of conspiracy theories and spiritual influence to uncover cults, pseudoscience, and authoritarian extremism.


I'm Matthew Remsky.


We are on Instagram and threads at Conspiruality Pod, and you can access all of our episodes ad free plus our


Monday bonus episodes on Patreon or just our bonus episodes via Apple subscriptions


we've also got a book out, it's called Conspiruality


how New Age Conspiracy Theries became a health threat and it's in print, e-book and


audiobook format. This is the first episode in a series called Conspir spirituality


and the imaginary children. Now back at the end of March I released an


introduction to this series so you can scroll back through your


Patreon feed and look for that before jumping in here. To recap that intro, this


series will be looking at how children as symbols, but not persons with their own internal lives,


are at the center of conspiruality, anxiety, and discourse.


I'll be looking at two types of imaginary child in this landscape.


One is an object of dread, and the other is an idol of aspiration. Now this first episode begins in the dread category and the


title is Featal Remains and it comes with all of the content warnings you would


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