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Berner Phone #1: Beige Flags with Des Bishop

Berner Phone

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Comedy Interviews, Stand-up, Comedy

4.45.5K Ratings

🗓️ 3 August 2023

⏱️ 56 minutes

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Welcome to the first episode of Berner Phone!!! I’m always interviewing people on podcasts and on the street, but in this new segment, I get to hear from you! Stay tuned on my Instagram @hannahberner for prompts and links to submit your voice messages. This week Des joins me to hear about your beige flags in relationships. We learn about boyfriends who can’t stop smelling their hands, have a fish tank obsession, were in a Christian cult, and more!

If you neeed advice asap leave a voicemail here!

Come see my live comedy shows! Tix here! Connecticut, Westhampton, Texas, Arizona, Buffalo, and Pennsylvania coming up.

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Okay, you guys this is a historical episode for my podcasting career


I've been doing burning in hell for four or five. I don't know time flies a long-ass time


And I love my little devil so much and I'm about to go on the road and I thought you know what? Let's shake some shit up


I do so much of interviewing other people which I love. It's really a passion of mine. I'm doing it. I'm not another person


You're my co-host babe. Sorry, co-host. I apologize. I apologize


Women are speaking. I'm interviewing people on the street. I'm interviewing people. I'm burning in hell and


Sometimes I feel like I want to hear from you guys more. I've always felt even giggly squat


It's like me and Paige talking and I feel like this is a cool opportunity


For me to transition while still doing some interviews, but into a new format called burner phone


Do I like it because it's a cool name? Yes, the second I thought of it


I was like this I have to do this, but I want to start having you guys submit one minute


Answers questions. I'm gonna prompt you guys on things to ask me or to talk about and put an episode together


So I feel like we're kind of more connected


Does do you have any notes? No, I'm just this has been a great intro, but you haven't a stat you you haven't established the co-host part


You're coming babe. No, I understand, but you just ask if I had any notes, but I don't exist yet


Okay, he's now coming out of the womb into the world


I want to introduce you to my co-host who won't always be co- you always be co-host thing?


These were not discussions. We supposed to have on the microphone


It's sometimes it might just be me a lot of the times. I think it will be des


The exciting things with you with me. I will be on the road a lot starting in September


So it's harder for me to you know pin down guests and get them in a studio. So this will be the best part


But this is a really important transition period. I'm transitioning


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