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AI and work...it's imminent

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

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🗓️ 9 June 2023

⏱️ 52 minutes

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We’re in a stage place with AI right now where for most of us it’s still a parlour trick. Something that we’ve seen create images of the Pope in bling or summon up meal planners that we’ll never use. But we’ve not really seen how it will impact our jobs.

Along the way there have been some huge claims:

Anecdotally I have heard the same from software developers.

And in aggregate there’s certainly a chance that we’re not thinking of the implications of these things.

The economist Paul Krugman this week said that if AI is able to deliver an additional 1.5% of growth per year to the economy then we should stop worrying about national debt and a percentage of GDP. 

Of course, he would say that his own extrapolations on these things are just an attempt to float ideas.

That’s why today’s podcast was so important for me to feature. I got the chance to chat to Alexia Cambon, Senior Director of Modern Work Research at Microsoft and Nick Hedderman, Senior Director of Modern Work, Microsoft. The discussion has implications for all of us, and how quickly we set about changing the way we work

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Hello, I'm Bruce Daley.


We're in an interesting moment with regards to AI right now


because for most of us it's something of a parlor trick,


something that we've seen create images of the Pope in bling or summon up meal


planners for fussy eaters that will never use. But we've not really seen how it can


impact our jobs. I did a presentation a couple of weeks ago at a conference.


They phoned me a few days before and said, would you come and talk for 10 minutes about how AI


will impact work? And it came out as a garbled mess. There was so much to say that actually deciphering it and making sense of it is a bit of a jumble.


I love the fact that Zaha'ha-Ad using it using Dally, which is the open AI tool, to


imagine what Zaha Hadid buildings would look like.


Their founder passed away a few years ago and so they're using the


tool to almost imagine and and create her vision. I love it. I love the fact that


other organizations are using it to initiate ideas or help them


write briefs. But there's so many huge claims and I don't think for many of us we've seen a direct application of how it's


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