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83: Don't Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen ft. Izzy Uncut

Sofia with an F

Sloot Media

Comedy, Society & Culture, Relationships

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🗓️ 30 June 2022

⏱️ 51 minutes

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Gentlemen, start your engines! And may the best…woman…win Sloots, it has been an amazing month celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, and here on Sofia with an F we’re ending it with a BANG…or a split, rather? Today Sofia is joined by the queen herself, Izzy Uncut! Okay, now say it slow...Izzy…Uncut. Get it? Anyway - today is a VERY special episode with one of New York City’s FINEST drag queens. Today Izzy will be taking Sofia through ALL things DRAG! From the do’s and don'ts of attending a drag show, drags origins in ballroom culture, to how to truly BEAT your face like the queens, and EVERYTHING in between. We also learn all about Izzy’s life and how she ended up as one of NYC’s most booked and busy queens. Aside from teaching Sofia how to make her boobs 4x bigger and giving her setting spray recommendations, the duo also unpacks some very pressing topics. Today Izzy joined Sloot University as our adjunct professor to further educate about gender and sexuality, and the misconceptions regarding those things in not only the drag world, but the entire world. Together Izzy and Sofia speak on some VERY important issues regarding acceptance and allyship. Yes, We’re definitely looking at you Texas. Our new favorite chaotic couple is jumping (literally) into SO much today that there’s a very good chance Sofia may be taking up a new profession - which btw, it’s important to note: drag is for EVERYONE. Visibility and acceptance is all we tolerate here at Sloot University, now get ready to lip-sync for your LIFE Sloots! Follow Sofia on Instagram and Twitter @SofiaFranklyn Find merch HERE: https://sofiafranklyn.com/ OK Cupid: Download OK Cupid from the App Store or Google Play today! Zola: http://www.Zola.com/ Watch full episodes at https://youtube.com/c/SofiaFranklyn0 To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hello everybody, welcome to Sophia with an F. I'm recording from WTF Media Studios, the


most chic, sexy, gorgeous studio to record from. We are in Soho, New York. I have the most


fabulous guest of all time here with me today. Izzy Unca, and I'm going to give you just


the grand intro that you deserve because I know it needs to be grand. But first I want to give


everyone a little bit of a backstory because I met you Izzy through Kiana. Yes. For those of you


who don't know, but I'm sure you do Kiana. A works for me. B is one of my best friends. C, a bitch,


because she completely roasted me last week on my own podcast. But we love her. You guys have been


friends since what middle school? Yes, so I knew her through All Star Cheerleading, which was my past


life, my... Oh, what? My subsection of agitory, if you know. I was an All Star Cheerleading coach


and choreographer, but before that I was just an athlete and we kind of had similar friends and


just knew each other through that. Okay, could you do a standing full? Yes. I was a cheerleader too.


Yeah. But I could never get a full. Oh my god. All Star Cheerleader. All Star Cheerleader. And I was


on... There were like five different teams. I was the next lowest from the, you know, the most advanced


team you could be on. Yeah. It really fucked with myself as team that I could never get there.


You're like, God damn it. I'll never be level five. Actually.


That's hysterical. Yeah, I know I'm known Kiana for a minute. No, her dad was about Mr. Bobby


Condors. Bobby Condors. Yes. I said last week to Kiana. I was like, I wish your dad was here


instead of you. That would have been so. That would have an actual celebrity like on the


top. An actual celebrity. But Kiana put us in touch and I'm fucking pissed that it took this long


because I'm obsessed with you already. Izzy walked in. I was naked. She saw me in my thong.


Getting dressed up because Izzy, this is the most dressed up I have ever ever ever been


recording a podcast ever. You usually say like leggings, sweatpants, like fuck it.


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