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662. Get It Out Of Your Head

Fullerton Unfiltered

Brian Fullerton

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🗓️ 8 May 2024

⏱️ 36 minutes

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Today we're sharing about what has been helping us to get a better handle on our schedule and to stay optimized with our entire team. When you're spinning multiple plates and doing your best to grow, a lot needs to be communicated to many to keep everyone on the same sheet of music.

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You're now listening to the Fullerton Unfiltered Podcast.


Straightforward, no nonsense business advice.


Completely un-nom-mm-mm-mm. forward no nonsense business advice completely unminmin


filter grow your business grow your life now here's your host


Brian Fullerton hey what's going on guys Brian here welcome to another episode of the Fullerton. Hey, what's going on guys? Brian here.


Welcome to another episode of the Fullerton Unfiltered Podcast.


It is your host, Brian Fullerton here hanging with you guys.


Roadshow coming at you guys right now, real time in the beautiful Chicago land area doing a couple


shop tours zipping down the road hopefully the highway sounds a little bit better on


this side of town that it did when I first tried this out leaving Michigan and the


roads in Michigan are absolutely brutal and not only that brutal imagine driving in


an F 250 or an F 350 with some beefed up springs with that snow plow prep package.


My voice was, yo, yo, yo, you know, driving down the road for about 10 minutes


where I just said to myself, there's no way this audio is going to be usable.


And then I got into town on Tuesday, no basically Monday, late night coming from Michigan,


five hours.


Basically got in about midnight Chicago time, 1 a.m. back at home time,


spending all day here in Chicago filming a shop tour and then tomorrow morning filming a second shop tour.


And today's podcast episode I wanted to talk about really getting organized


and really how our Mondays have changed this year and even last year and how it's really helped me to get more


organized on our schedule, keep the guys moving while I'm able to zip out, do different


miscellaneous tasks like this, but also keep work selling, keep work coming in, and how it's just allowed us, honestly, to stay organized as a group.


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