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656. Spring Forward: Essential Lawn Care Checks You Can't Afford to Miss!

Fullerton Unfiltered

Brian Fullerton

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🗓️ 24 April 2024

⏱️ 38 minutes

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Today, we're discussing a few critical items that we can pay attention to that will pay big dividends this spring rush. A lot is happening this time of year, but you can still catch your breath and make sure these items don't fall through the cracks this April.

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grow your life. Now here's your host Brian Fullerton.


Hey what's going on guys? Welcome to another episode of the Fullerton Un Hey, what's going on guys?


Welcome to another episode of the Fullerton on Filtered Podcast.


It is your host, Brian Fullerton here, hanging with you guys and good morning.


Well, hope you guys are having a great day and you guys are off to the races. It is a beautiful Wednesday here and frankly there is so


much going on. It's not even funny this time of year. I will tell you guys what we are


picking up equipment, we are sending out bids, we are growing leaps and bounds.


63 or 64 estimates have come through the website here in the month of April.


I was actually just texting a couple of buddies and friends back and forth and it's funny.


I don't know what we got going on with the website or what. It seems like it's turbocharged and picking up leads like crazy.


Some folks maybe not as lucky with maybe single digits or only, you know, just getting at the double digits with leads this spring.


Shout out to Branded Bowl, although I know they're building other people's websites too and maybe they're performing differently.


I don't know. I know Adam and Lauren are offering like SEO packages and stuff like that.


So maybe something to look into. But man, holy cow like things are absolutely buckwiled over here.


Actually bidding two new commercial


sites as we speak which is super exciting hopefully we get those in for lawn and


landscaping but also hopefully we get them in for snow and salt as well.


What I wanted to do on today's podcast episode was just do,


honestly just a little bit of a checkup,


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