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63: Call Her Sir ft. Stiff Socks

Sofia with an F

Sloot Media

Comedy, Society & Culture, Relationships

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🗓️ 27 January 2022

⏱️ 55 minutes

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Alexa, play “Yes Sir” by Chief Keef Today Sofia is joined by some ILLUSTRIOUS guests: Trevor Wallace and Michael Blaustein of the Stiff Socks podcast! Much like the raunchy title of their show, things are about to get REALLY dirty around here. Together, the three dive into the many different aspects of a relationship including (but not limited to): finishing inside a girl, dirty talk, and anal play. You know, the important stuff. We also discovered that the new go-to name in bed is “Sir”…Daddy is DEAD. The trio also unpacks the many financial dilemmas that arise within relationships such as splitting the dinner bill, rent, and when you should and shouldn’t Venmo your partner (spoiler alert ladies: NEVER). Aside from a spicy conversation with our incredible guests, Sofia also recaps her most recent trip to LA, teasing an unsuspecting collaboration in the works and her soon-to-be RHOSLC cameo…needless to say, stay tuned Sloots. Follow Sofia on Instagram and Twitter @SofiaFranklyn Find merch HERE: https://sofiafranklyn.com/ OK Cupid: Download OK Cupid from the App Store or Google Play today! To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Welcome, welcome, welcome back, Slutie Pepples. I'm Sophia Franklin. Welcome to Sophia with


an F for any newcomers around here. Today we have a very special episode with a couple


amazing guests who I really don't know why I haven't had them on earlier, but I'm so


fucking excited. And maybe it's because I have options according to the daily mail. That's


why you know what I'm saying? But we're going to get into that in a few minutes. I need to


tell everyone an update. And this is the most incredible and fucking hilarious news that


has happened to me in a while. My mom could potentially be the newest housewife on Real House


Swipes of Salt Lake City. Lola herself, who we all know and love, could actually be this


next reality TV star. Thank God because I am tired of carrying this family on my back


legitimately. I feel like Northwest up in this bitch. But Bravo announced that they are


looking for a new housewife. And I think we need to make it happen, Slutie. It's for Lola.


But more importantly for us because I don't think that there is anything on planet Earth


that could be more entertaining than having my mom on that show. Like yes, for her, she's


young, she's hot, she's fun. She's got that latina spice to her. She's kind of batshit


and sane for being honest, but also and more importantly for me and for us because can


we just take a second and picture their filming at my house or filming fucking anywhere. And


you just see me creeping around in the background. I would make sure I looked so fucking hot


anytime I knew they were filming. And I would go out of my way. I would block the camera.


I would insert myself into all of the housewife drama, even though it has nothing to fucking


do with me just so I could get more airtime. And I'll get my own spin-off show or they'll


just have to make me a housewife. You don't have to be married to be a housewife. You do


need to have a house though. And that I don't have, but I fucking will. I'll make sure I get


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