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🗓️ 5 December 2019

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Comic Gino Bisconte sits in to discuss sports gambling and takes aim at Mike Bocchetti. Presented by TheComicsGym.com.

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We're back. Another episode we have lasted at least four episodes. Just could be the last one. I'll tell you why in a second.


But I'm here with my, this is our length halfway house, our length halfway house. I was in a crazy halfway house as the premise of the show. So we're gonna have halfway house. Either people who are in a halfway house are belong on one.


They will be on the show and speaking of which my co-host and every show is the great Mike Bush. Thank you, allie.


We're gonna start a segment. Absolutely. We're gonna start a segment called Bush, Eddie, your thoughts.


We're gonna bring up a comment or any subject, any current subject or whatever subject. I like the rainman like that. You mean like what you call that shape. That's not even close to what I'm talking.


So, and I'll just like I'll just say so. I'll say listen, I'll say gay marriage, both shetty of thoughts. It's up to them. Absolutely. So that's what I'm saying. So this is gonna be an informative educational show as well. But Mike will always be here with me. My guest today.


Now listen, this proves that people say to me, oh, who are you gonna have on the show? And is it gonna be? Oh, it's gonna be people in show business. This proves not always.


This proves we're gonna mix it up. We'll always be comedians. No. No, it won't. Then this show proves it. We're not just gonna be, oh, we're gonna be stars like Gilbert Godfried and you know, my aunt.


We're gonna mix it up with some people that I want you to know because my buddy, my buddy, Geno Bisconti is here. And one thing Geno is, he's not famous, but he is hard work. Funny as hell.


He's one of the funniest people I've ever known. And he's Balzi and he's not some pussy. No, he's not at all. He's not some gluten free muffin guy. He's an insane alcoholic. Thank you.


One of the reasons why I use a charger fan. Geno Bisconti, Geno, thank you, buddy. Thank you for thinking on me. It's good to get the band back together, mother fucker. You're hitting clean up, bro. Oh, yeah. Oh, my mic is trying to get his lap band back together. But you know, the quito.


I mean, I just got the lap. I haven't gotten any smarter. Yeah, we don't want to tell you.


I'm not going to couple of questions. Are you an assistant coach now for the chargers? I mean, I'm not so mean. Geno was brought up in Delaware, home of fun. Yeah.


And you're a charger fan, which is just it's a nightmare. Bed parenting. No, it's also the generic gambler. Yes, I grew up in Jersey. Oh, you did.


I started comedy in Delaware, but violent. And that's where everybody goes. And I told the story countless times and it doesn't take long to tell when we were kids going up and yeah,


late 70s early 80s. We did the Catholic thing. We were all to boys. We went to see the family by the time we got home. Blue the mon senior. Yeah, blue. No, I was an ugly alter. Right.


By time we got home, it's four o'clock. Chargers are the late game. You got the Eagles NFC early. So network scheduling is why you've had a life of torture. Yes.


It's been a nightmare this year, especially when you go fighting in the car in the way home from church like us. Me and my brother.


Very old family like arguing to fight in and on the way home. Not on the way home from church. Why you guys are Italian. Why do you want to break off? Now the reason Geno was here is of course, fight with me. No, no, no, because he's funny. And I want my funny friends to comment on certain things.


We did this with the first show Mike. I want. So we're testing the microphone Geno the other day. Right Mike take a piece of gum. So they said which they say to me.


Does it sound all right in your ear? Oh, fuck it. I got it. Now I think men's a member Mike. I am a half a man. Look at it. He ever the phrase.


Okay. I want to tell me the camera. Wait. If the camera was on it for that, then I'm glad we follow us to make sure that was on camera. Okay.


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