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373: Infinitely More Versatile (w/ Mike Trapp!)

Dear Hank & John


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🗓️ 18 September 2023

⏱️ 61 minutes

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Why do we have Eastern and Pacific time zones? What would happen if I blended a smoothie for a year? What's the most versatile food?

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Cold open. Oh my gosh. It's happening. Hello, everyone. It's kind of not happening, but it also is but it's kind of not but you'll see so here's the situation. I


am currently on a show a show that is on the internet called


Dimension 20 and the season is called Maintopolis. It's a lot of fun. It's a tabletop role playing game show and this season is


me and a bunch of cool people


being inside of a man's mind and trying to solve mysteries. It's like a it's like inside out, but noire detective thriller


and it's very fun and you can watch the first episode for free on YouTube and then the rest of them are behind a paywall at dropout.tv


Which is a subscription service that I quite like and I'm a big Dimension 20 fan and I was really excited to be on the show and I am and


when I was like, okay, well this show is gonna come out. What we should do is we should record a bunch of podcasts


with all the other people who are on the show with me and


then I got diagnosed with cancer and I got very busy with that and I had only recorded one of them and so and I was we were gonna


release them during the release of Maintopolis, which is now going on.


So we're gonna release the one that I recorded, which was which is with Mike Trap


and you can get that and it was recorded back before I had


Diagnosis of any guy did not know there was anything wrong with me and you can watch the first episode of Maintopolis on YouTube by searching


Maintopolis on YouTube. So this is kind of not the thing. It's a guy we're kind of not coming back, but


news is we also are coming back. We're gonna start recording Dear Hank and John again and they will start coming out in October.


I believe that's the plan. They might come out a little bit sooner than that, but we'll see. We're still


in sort of a transitional phase.


Someone used the phrase healing season. You're in a healing season with me the other day and I'm like, yes,


I am in a healing season and I'm going to try and take care of me as much as I can.


So thank you. We're sorry that we went away for so long and then we are very excited to come back,


but in the meantime, I hope that you will enjoy this episode of Dear Hank and John, except it is not Dear Hank and John. It's Dear Hank and Trap.


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