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🗓️ 22 November 2021

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Artie interviews award winning Actor, Musician and Author Michael Imperioli. They discuss all the classics including The Sopranos, Goodfellas...and Beer League.

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Welcome to the already laying half way house and my guest today on the podcast is a great


actor, Emmy award-winning actor, which is weird for my podcast and is just a good guy about


a little over a year ago, I was doing stand-up at an Upper West Side Club and I got off stage


and my manager told me Mike Limpereole is here and I got excited because I'm a big fan of his.


It's always nice when a fan stops by like that who is someone you revere and Mike Limpereole is


here. What's up Mike? How you doing man? That was a really fun set actually. I laughed my ass off. I


really not blowing smoke. It was a good one man. People were loving it that night. That was fun.


Thanks a lot and I could see you have your hands in a lot of different things besides you know,


you know, I want to ask you what do people give you more stuff about the spider and good fellows


or Christopher Malthusanti? Oh Christopher by far. That show is just taken on a whole year right.


Especially now and like with young people and stuff it's kind of bizarre. It's taken on a whole new


life and you know, wait. Right. The sopranos is I mean, you know, that's it's defining television.


And what how did you come to that show? Was it just an audition or?


Yeah, it was an audition. You know, the casting people is Sheila Jaffee,


Georgian walkin. Georgian is a wife of Christopher walkin. Right. They had done several independent


movies that I was in. They put me in so they'd always bring me in for anything I was like remotely


right for. They had cast a movie called Trees Lounge at Steve Bishamy, starred in Dirty


and some of those were in. So David Chase saw that right around when he was doing this,


putting together the sopranos and he loved the casting so he hired them and they brought me in.


And that's how I got it. Yeah, Trees Lounge is another great film man. But you, before


the sopranos, you got quite a resume with Jungle Fever. And I don't know as you co-wrote


Summer of Sam. Yeah, I had already worked with Spike on a bunch of stuff going back to Jungle


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