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🗓️ 15 November 2021

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Artie is joined by fellow New Jersey stand-up comic and success story Joey Diaz, another listener voicemail from a supporter, and Mike Bocchetti.

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We're back with Arty Lang's Halfway House. Mike Portshetti is joining us. Mike, how you doing?


Uh, I'm doing a friend about a lot of stuff. I just heard you take a guzzle of water. That was one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard.


Yeah, but you know what? It's Poland Spring, right? Yeah. They said it's around since 1845.


That's a full nonsense. That's wrong. How could they really, you know, to mean keeping...


What did they put it in in the 1845, a friggin caveman's pot? I mean, come on. It was pretty


pretty far behind its arms compared to now. Yeah, a real bottle of water was not around in 1845.


Who said that in my Poland Spring, 1845? I think so, but the thing is guys, right? When did you really hear about bottle water?


First of all, like, first of all, cable itself, right? Did they get the stuff I wanted in late 80s, like 88 and 89 or 87?


But my cousin's out in Long Island and upstate had a few years.


Well, cable, only 70s upstate in the Long Island. We didn't get it until late 80s.


You're saying cable television didn't get the sat down until the late 80s?


Like 87, 88. No, that's wrong, Mike. No, it's true.


What do you think that an island is? Like, fucking Iceland is something?


No, it's true, because at least it's not a true state.


They had cable in the early 70s. Yeah. Okay, as well as my cousin's in Long Island, then.


The early 70s is a bit early. I remember like 78, 79. That's what I remember.


So you're saying, I was in a watching, like, anything like 87 or 88.


So you're saying, I, I, in Union New Jersey, I was 10 years ahead of Staten Island.


Easily. No, that's wrong. No, I swear. I'll get proof from Halas.


Maybe you didn't get it. Maybe your family. No, nobody in Staten Island had it. It was like limited.


Have you discussed this with other people?


No, I don't know. But they did have to guys that big flying dish underwater.


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