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3. An Encyclopedia of Betrayal

La Brega

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🗓️ 24 February 2021

⏱️ 41 minutes

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Photographer Chris Gregory-Rivera examines the legacy of the surveillance files known in Puerto Rico as las carpetas — produced from a decades-long secret government program aimed at fracturing the pro-independence movement. Gregory-Rivera looks at las carpetas through the story of one activist family, the traitor they believed was close to them, and the betrayal that holds more mystery than they realize. Chris' photographs and photos the police took as part of their surveillance are here. If you're in the New York area, you can see his show at the Abrons Art Center until March 14, 2021. The documentary "Las Carpetas" is here.

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Hey quick note, there are English and Spanish episodes of La Brega.


This is the English one.


If you want to be a cut your in the spaniel,


wolverine and selection on the version with the title in


in Espaignol. in Fun, let's go.


let's go.


We're going to go. We're a couple of things. All right, I'm going on me. Not long ago,


ago, Chris Gregory Rivera and our producer,


is that the Rodriguez-Andino, went to an office in San Juan.


They were there to visit a stack of paper.


More than paper, it's a stack of folders really, that was so heavy that it landed with a thud on the table.


This is a carpeta.


It just means folder in Spanish, but in Puerto Rico its meaning has a lot more weight.


So yeah, so this is, it's like a, you know, just a normal like office Manila folder


with some pages in it, some handwritten notes.


But in here is a page that has basically a list of


codes on the left and a list of names on the right and it's the list of


agents, informants and other collaborators of the police.


A carpete is a surveillance record from an illegal government program that tracked Puerto Rico's independence


movement, which for over a century has fought for the island to leave control of the United States.


There have been attempts to suppress the movement since the beginning.


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