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145: REVEALED: Arsene Wenger's Biggest Regret With Arsenal

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 10 November 2021

⏱️ 22 minutes

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On this very special episode of the Extra Time Podcast, Michael McCubbin chats to Christian Jeanpierre, director of Arsene Wenger: Invincible, to discuss the making of the film and Jeanpierre’s experience of knowing Wenger since his early days managing in France.

From his upbringing in rural Alsace, to his courageous stint in Japan and the scepticism that greeted his arrival at Arsenal in 1996, Invincible covers a lot of ground that casual fans may have otherwise not known about. But his glory years at Highbury are also well documented, with Patrick Vieira, Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and even Sir Alex Ferguson laying bare their experiences with Wenger in the early late 90s and early 2000s. Wenger also reveals his biggest regrets as Arsenal boss.

Should he have left North London sooner? How did the move to the Emirates effect him? And how did he cope with the pressure of the UK press? Invincible is out in UK cinemas on November 11th, and is available on other platforms from November 22nd.

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Extra time




Life is about millimeters about timing


If I did all Arsenal fans have been looking forward to


The arrival of their new manager honestly when I think about it there were brave


How much of the plays looking forward to Arsenal vengue arriving. Oop


Arsenal vengue is being Japan is unaware the demands of our game


I was not scared of anybody in football


It was the start of it the real start of it. Welcome to a very special episode of the football daily podcast today


I am joined by Christian Jean-Pierre director of the brand new film about Arsenal venga called invincible


Which is out in cinemas on the 11th of November and on blu-ray DVD and for digital download on the 22nd of November


I for one have been you know had the privilege of watching it already and I must say Christian


I thought it was


Absolutely superb


gives a really


Amazing overview over Arsenal vengue's career particularly in England that we'll get on to


And yeah, I learned a lot of new things about you know the man the legend that is Arsenal venga


So yeah, first of all Christian thanks for thanks for you know take time out of your day to talk to us


Yeah, first of all congratulations like I said fantastic film I urge everyone who can to go and see it when it comes out


But let's get straight into you know, let's get straight into the kind of themes of the film and what you know


What the film's about


Because it kind of starts with kind of venga in his hometown


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