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144: The Premier League Managerial Merry-Go-Round

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 4 November 2021

⏱️ 51 minutes

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On this week's podcast, Henry Hill is joined by Chelsea TV's Zac Djellab and the lesser-spotted James Waine to discuss the current managerial merry-go-round. Nuno Espirito Santo? Gone! Steve Bruce? Gone! Dean Smith and Rafa Benitez? Going...or staying? Then of course the ins - Antonio Conte has arrived at Spurs and will presumably be taking the big office off Fabio Paratici's hands, whilst Newcastle don't seem to have any plan behind the scenes. Unai Emery said no (wisely), so could Eddie Howe be on the way in? James even proposes a return to the Premier League for Sam Allardyce. Surely not? It's all a very fluid situation. Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello footballed earlier. Welcome back to the extra time podcast where we've got a special line up for you today


They're annoyed for me because I kept them waiting for about 25 minutes as I try and sort up my laptop turns out




Okay, oh, well, I'll throw to you first Zack. You're in a good mood, my friend


No, no to be frank. No, we said we said 10 o'clock


I've got a text from from Henry sent. Oh, can we do 20 minutes later? We said okay


20 minutes later, you can't join a call


You know, there's a net someone say but apart from that. No, I'm all right. Thank you very much


Thank you very much. Oh, they've been sweeping changes behind the scenes at football daily


We've we've we've gone into the sky and I'm struggling to keep pace


Someone who's not


James Wayne great. I'm very rare very rare treat for me to spend some time of your on screen. How are you?


Yeah, very rare treat. I'm all right. I'm all right


Kind of slowly getting worried about the lack of technical ability from our employees and teammates


Henry unfortunately joining that list


But I'm good


I mean between me dig your mac oven. You've picked out the three oldest men at the company


I would say in terms not in like an age sense in just a


Very good


Yeah, old souls old souls and you'll see that on the next episode of Continental Club. We're in a very old school pub


Yeah, I mean God God God good thing. I'm dealing with the cameras. Oh, you're actually to the wall


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