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138: Who Has The Best Starting XI In The Premier League?

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 22 September 2021

⏱️ 59 minutes

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Patrick van Straaten steps back into host this week's episode and he is joined by Sam Obaseki and James Waine. Perfect accompaniment for the topic of discussion today - which Premier League team has the best starting eleven? It ultimately boils down to three teams, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. Sam is vehemently pro-Chelsea, James is a Manchester City fan but slightly more open to reason, whilst Patrick reckons over half of Liverpool's ideal starting eleven might be the best in their position in the world. And as ever, when Patrick and Sam are on the same show, voices are raised and arguments begin, all whilst James sits sniggering in the background. It's a good one, you don't want to miss it. Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome back to the extra time podcast. It's me, one of your hosts, Patrick Van


Sharten, and today I'm joined by podcast icon, Sam Abassaki. How are you doing, Sam?


Oh, Pat. Oh my gosh. I did not expect that from you. That's literally made my day.


I'm really good. I'm really good now. Oh, I'm glad to hear it. I'm alright. I'm alright.


Yeah, I'm ready for a podcast today that will depress me about my type of being involved


in it. But we're also joined today by James Wayne. James Wayne stepping into the breach


like a hero today and the perfect candidate for the topic we're going to talk about.


How are you doing, Wayne? I'm good. I'm good. I'm feeling fresh. I'm going to try my


best for this conversation and try and be as biased as possible, but I do think it'll


be difficult. Yeah, I think that this is going to be like a pure home conversation.


I'm anticipating a horrible light to dislike ratio on this video. Because today we are


discussing which team has the best starting 11 in the Premier League. I think this is


a really, really tough one, right? Because basically, we inevitably have to focus on


three teams here, right? We're talking about Manchester City. We're talking about Liverpool


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