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137: What's Next For Arsenal?

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 15 September 2021

⏱️ 63 minutes

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It's time for the annual Arsenal podcast! Dougie Critchley, a neutral mediator, is joined today by two Arsenal fans, Patrick van Straaten and the lesser-spotted George Wright. They talk all things Gunners. Was their start to the season really that bad? At what point does sacking Mikel Arteta make the most sense? They talk about what they don't like about the club, then what they do, giving a lot of airtime to the 'Hale End Kids' - Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe to you and me. They discuss future transfer plans and the need to replace Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and how their transfers this summer have been good. Then someone mentions Granit Xhaka and the show goes off the rails; the Swiss international is a divisive character for sure. But somehow, this is actually a broadly positive podcast about Arsenal for a change. Is the future really that bright in North London?

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Extra time


Hello, and welcome back to the extra time podcast. I'm your host a dukey christian join by Patrick van Straton and George right because yes


You guessed it. It is that time of year. It is time for the arsenal podcast on extra time


I'm pretty excited about this as a neutral, but I'm not sure how these guys are feeling


I mean George a little bit of a challenging start to the season. How are you before we get into it?


How are you? Yeah, I'm pretty good feel bit tired, but you know and Virgin Network on a mad one this morning


So, you know, not the best starts, but we move as Sam. I'm second would say nice keeping you on your toes


Pat how are you feeling to do enjoy the champions league last night something that I haven't been in for a few years


Good one


Yeah, like I didn't really I didn't really watch it


I tuned into the goal show and I looked at all the games and I was like


This is maybe the worst line up of champions league games. I've ever seen and I turned it off again


You weren't tempted by Barcelona buying


No, like it's


Have you watched Barcelona? Like we might as well play by it. Yeah, they it was the the gulf was absolutely enormous


Absolutely enormous as it has been doing between Arsenal and the top four as it stands


Was Jesus Christ. Yeah, there are already seven points behind the top four


They're also seven points behind man United at the top of the table


So we wanted to talk about where Arsenal are where they're going etc


It's not a hurry to fix so much because obviously the transfer window only finished last month and Arsenal made a pretty big effort to try and fix themselves


As it was they spent a hundred and twenty one million pounds net spend Ben White Oda guard Ramstele Tommy Yasu


Le Conga Nuno Tavares. So basically I just wanted to ask you guys today


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