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🗓️ 17 March 2022

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In this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth Feroce and Bobby Dautrich have on the #10 ranked Featherweight in Bellator, Cody Law! They talk about porsches, watches, life predictions, and getting into stories with Triston!

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Yeah, it would have been different. It would have been different. Yeah, I'll write everybody. Well good morning. Good morning. Welcome to the HWMF podcast. I'm your host Seth Rosier with my


heterosexual life mate Bob. Good morning. And in the podcast studio this morning we have the number one in our hearts number 10 in the in the


standings for Bellator Cody Law. I'm excited for you to be here my friend. Me too. Very happy. Good way to start. You are number you are ranked number 10 in Bellator's


standings right now at 145 pounds. Yep. How's that feel? It feels good. You know I my mom was talking to me about it last night. Actually how she remembers when I brought


it was still like a little kid. I would look up the state or not even state district rankings for wrestling like every other night. Wishing that I would be on them because I was so bad. I wasn't even close to district


district top 10 or whatever the rankings were. And then the first time that ever was ranked it was like the craziest thing ever. And then to see to go from that eventually being


ranked in the state to being ranked in the college nationals to now this is my first time ever being ranked in the world. You are ranked number 10 in the


world in Bellator at 145 pounds. That is whenever you posted that last night I was like this is fucking insane. This is something that I mean you've talked about it for what


what's it been now we've been almost it's two years about two years. Yeah two years year and a half year and you were you were three and three and


no. There's two. I was one and I started with you guys. Two and a two and a half because three and a half before my first fight. Yeah and I was I had


another fight so close I didn't get to meet you guys until like new years. So to know my first fight together was a three a third


fight. This is absolutely incredible. Yeah. I'm pumped. Me too. It's pretty cool because yesterday you were or was it yesterday or the two days ago. I wasn't here with you guys


yesterday right Monday. Today's Wednesday or Monday. What flew by you were so with this last fight you you knocked out your opponent and one


minute and 17 seconds and whenever you were first on the podcast we had a conversation with you about things that you do


your sleep your your habits your all the things that you do for your fights and the one thing that you do is you will


write down like what you do what you plan on doing to that person like knock them out. Yeah TKO submission you were


talking about how to finish a fight. Pretty sure we we had that discussion on here or or it was just a shoot in the


ship one day drinking bourbons. But you were talking about how you do those things in this one you actually wrote down the


outcome of the fight and then it actually happened. You wrote down knock out one minute and 17 seconds and then you knocked


out this opponent and one minute and 17 seconds. Yeah. That's like some. Yeah black magic. But then so we were all mazed and apparently the


whole entire MMA community was smoked. You went on the aerial Hawaii show. Yeah. Which was super cool. You were in front of the


bourbon wall here that people won the comments. They were commenting like that's a green screen. That's bullshit. And then they were


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