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123: Who Should Be In The England Squad?

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 26 May 2021

⏱️ 55 minutes

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On this week's podcast, Henry Hill is joined by Dougie Critchley and Sam Obaseki to dissect Gareth Southgate's recent England squad announcement. The trio look at players omitted from the 33-man provisional side, including James Maddison, Patrick Bamford and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, before trying to work out which seven players should be left off the plane (or team bus). The key discussions boil down to which one of Mason Greenwood, Bukayo Saka or Ollie Watkins should Southgate take, whether or not Jesse Lingard should make the final 26, and of course, The Right Back Dilemma. Who should miss out - Trent Alexander-Arnold, Reece James or Kieran Trippier? Sam thinks one thing, Henry thinks another, and Dougie, love of all things European football, is left to mediate - his decision may surprise you. Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello everyone and welcome back to the extra time podcast is with still with me Henry Hill


But this week joined by Dugi Critchley and Sam of a Seki Dugi


How are you my friend good to have you back in the podcast?


I'm good. I'm all good. Yeah, yeah


I'm excited about this podcast a bit of England low down because yeah


The 32-man squad was announced yesterday and we will be dissecting it very excited


Yes, Sam. I think you and I are gonna butt heads a little bit today. I think I've already told you I'm coming for some of your opinions


Yeah, you was you was just giving too much smoke in the group chat to be on it


I don't know where that came from, but I'm ready for everything that you've got to front me in it. Oh


Get those Chelsea players out. That's what I'm saying


Looking forward to it


But yeah, anyway, so as we've all seen Gareth Southgate has played a very conservative move


He's announced a 33-man squad


With the you know taking into fact that we've still got a couple of European competitions to play which obviously


The English players are involved in so he's got he wants to keep his cards close to his chest


Which means there are lots of stories and questions still on answers about this England selection


But don't worry us three will get to the bottom of it


So let's start off by having a look at the players that missed out goalkeeper


I don't think it matters too much. I mean I personally am pretty debit


I mean, I feel really bad for Nick Pope such an unfortunate timing with that injury


I think it was really you know


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