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122: The Players Your Club Should Sign This Summer

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 18 May 2021

⏱️ 44 minutes

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On this week's episode of Extra Time, Henry Hill and Dougie Critchley sit down to discuss some of the biggest transfer rumours ahead of the summer window. They look at Manchester United's centre back dilemma, and whether Pau Torres or Raphael Varane is a more sensible transfer, before looking at Leicester City's striker issue. Tammy Abraham is unhappy at Chelsea, but Odsonne Edouard could prove a cheap alternative. They can't work out what Chelsea need to do, before of course having a chat about Harry Kane and Manchester City. This episode may have been recorded six hours before the Kane transfer news broke on Monday evening, but it goes to show that here at Football Daily we really do have our finger on the pulse of everything football - and get a thumbnail of course. Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello and welcome back to the extra time podcast. I've had still isn't here


We're actually no idea where he is. So at the big time is the left to meet present once more but luckily


Join bot this week while my friend over at Euro for the daily


Do he crochet do how are you doing my friend? What a weekend of football and action?


Yeah, we're not quite sure whether Pat is with baby or without baby yet


But yeah, what a weekend. I'm sure he didn't manage to watch it on the hospital ward


It was all kicking off across Europe the FA Cup


Alison's last minute winner, you know, Dortmund securing Champions League football lots of drama in La Liga


It was a really great and emotional weekend of football


I think those scenes at the end of Leicester City's victory


With their own and then Alison that post match interview as well


It was a draining weekend, but one that makes you feel you know, warms the soul really so now


I'm pleased to be on the podcast with you. How are you doing Henry?


Yes, I love to hear that. I am well. I was just saying to you. I think this is the first


FA Cup final years which my whole family kind of sat down and watched the whole buildup


I was just quite invested in it


There's no reason for me to be really in this one


But like you said all the celebrations at the end cashmatch Michael water hero


Him and Vards are gonna go down as Premier League legend


I was upset as you well know that little little couldn't quite find that winner against


Sun Etienne


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