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🗓️ 16 December 2021

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In this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth Feroce and Bobby Dautrich have Axe & Sledge Athlete Dean Perrone in the studio! They talk about crossfit, Dean's kids fighting during a soccer game, Bob's collection/problem, and eat snacks!

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You could put 145 pounds on a board and do like 25 different exercises with it. Yep. And your heart rate goes through the fucking roof. Like you feel like you're gonna die. Yeah, like during CrossFit, like the goal in my the way I look at it is like how intense can I be to push myself to point that I'm gonna die.


I question the other day she like showed me the workout they did and it said like am am rap like am rap. I don't know what those are. I was like what the fuck is that she's like that's as many reps as possible.


Oh, that's what that means. I was like oh fuck and then I looked at I'm like you know what that means. I was like you did that for as many reps as possible. She's like yeah.


So what was the workout here. Let me see. It's making my heart rate go up. This coffee is strong.


Okay, so this one was a 15 minute. 15 minute am rap. Okay, so 15 minutes.


So many reps as as many reps as possible. So you go through this circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes.


Oh cool. So 30 double unders jumping rope. It goes under your feet twice per spin. I can't do them yet.


I can do that. I can do one 15 burpees. Then 30 Russian kettlebell swings.


I don't regular kettlebell swing. I don't know. Does it pick a weight?


It says 53 35. I'm assuming 53 men 35 women. And then you do that.


How many reps? 30 Russian kettlebell swings. So 30 double unders 15 burpees. 30 Russian kettlebell swings.


As many times as you can go through those three exercises. Yeah, you go through those three as many times as you can in 15 minutes.


I mean, I didn't know that's what that meant. Yeah, because then what you do like in this CrossFit world, like almost every CrossFit gym has these like same workouts because they're all on one centralized like website every day.


Oh, on the CrossFit website. Right. So like a lot of people Jim can't say it's a CrossFit gym without taking the CrossFit classes. Yeah, it needs like a accreditation. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But so then everyone will do this. And then everyone will post like, Hey, I got through this circuit.


Right. Like some of them that there's no way that's impossible. Dude, that's what I mean. Like some of them that they post are like, holy shit, you're in shape.


I don't know. It says, do you do that? If you do that in 15 minutes, if you do that like six or seven times.


I have to ask. I don't know how many times she got so much. Oh my God. I can't do them. If you do 15 burpees in the beginning, if I do 15 burpees, I can do 15 burpees fucking like nothing.


But the tech 15 seconds after you're done doing those burpees, all of a sudden your heart rate goes into your neck and you're like, whoa, whoa, what the fuck is going on?


Yeah, it's only after you're done them. Yeah. I've done I've done 25 burpees in a row. Like at the end of a workout, like at the end of my circuit, that's when I do the burpee. Yeah.


Because they're the worst. I did 25 the one day. I was like, fuck you. I'm like, 18. I'm like, fuck you, fuck you in my head. And then all of a sudden, like I finished.


And I'm like, what's that? I'm like, that's my heartbeat and my throat.


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