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🗓️ 7 July 2023

⏱️ 7 minutes

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This is a preview of EP 160! - YOGA

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Hey, everybody, you're listening to a preview of our episode on yoga here on the


Reflexig podcast to listen to episode and fold go to our patreon patreon.com slash ffs podcast


that's patreon.com slash ffs podcast full audio full video and bonus episodes we can give out our


classic episodes every single Sunday to our top tier patrons.


Our everyone have a good week. We'll talk to you soon and check out the preview.


Oh my god. Uh, this week's topic we are talking about yoga. Does anyone here do yoga?


I do peeval which is Pilates mixed with yoga. I did wear my cow pants because cow.


Have you done yoga before? Before, but I don't do it. No, I don't enjoy it. Did you go into a class?


No, at the crib. You might be too tall. No, it's hard to do it. I mean, it's hard. No, really.


One of my tall, I think he's like six six. Uh, Sheronus, we've talked about it on horrible


decisions and a few times like online guy. Yeah, he was drove on insecure. Yeah. Sheronus and I did


some yoga and the shit was fucking tough for him because his back like and I think taller people


just generally have trouble with some of the positions. Yeah, yeah, sorry for these tall guys.


I can't do yoga. Oh, must be tough. I guess I'll just hang outside the building and pick up women.


I mean, the whole story. But you know what, I think I think it would be tough for dangerous tall guys


because you do it in the class and you have a certain radius. Right. And so you might be bumping


into people and stuff like that. It's a lot of tucking in your head too. Actually, speaking of


canceled, big room yoga, big room, favorite documentary. Oh, man, you watch that shit. Oh,


that shit looks good. Man, if you he was fucking these bitch. He's one of my facts. Sex,


culty, yogi, crap. Get the fuck up. You fat bitch. Get up.


It's like, wow, they have real footage and real footage. Oh, yeah, yeah.


You've called these bitches. Brad, they love it. He took, he was like taking a lot of people


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