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Witnessed: 19 Days - The Hunt for the Elusive Austin Serial Bomber

Chameleon: The Michigan Plot

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🗓️ 1 April 2024

⏱️ 4 minutes

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On March 2, 2018, an anonymous and deadly package bomb detonated on the doorstep of a home in Austin, Texas. Soon after - another was discovered, and another—each one a little more sophisticated than the last, and each target seemingly more and more random. Confusion and panic set in across the city - who was this elusive serial bomber? Why were they planting these bombs? And why were they so hard to track down? Find out on Witnessed: 19 Days - The story behind the frantic race to catch the Austin serial bomber. Join host Sean Flynn as he traces the case from its origins to its shocking conclusions. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribers to The Binge can listen to all episodes of Witnessed: 19 Days right now, completely ad-free. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hey Camelianian listeners Josh Dean here host of season one Hollywood con queen and I'm here to tell you that from the same team that brought you all those seasons of Camelian comes a new story that just dropped on the bingeinge Channel. Witness 19 days.


This season, we travel southwest from Michigan to Austin, Texas.


In 2018, the city was terrorized by a serial bomber


leaving more and more sophisticated bombs and packages


delivered throughout the city. With the city filling up for the famous South by Southwest


Convention, the FBI and the Austin Bomb Squad are racing against the clock to find the culprit.


Who is the mysterious bomber?


Why were they planting these bombs?


And why were they so hard to track down?


Join host Sean Flynn as he traces the case from its origins to its shocking conclusions on


witnessed 19 days.


Listen weekly, wherever you get your podcasts, and if you're a subscriber to the binge, you can enjoy


all episodes, ad free today. Take a listen.


On March 2nd 2018 a package was placed on the doorstep of a home in a quiet


suburban neighborhood in Austin, Texas.


It was an unremarkable package, just a cardboard box.


But this package, one of the millions delivered that same day all across America, would change the city of Austin forever.




Hey, I don't know what's going on my neighbor, there's blood everywhere, we need an ambulance immediately?


We have never had a call to where a package was placed by someone with the intent to kill them,


and then that package detonate and kill that person.


The closer I'm getting, I'm like, this seems pretty real.


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