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Will Kentucky lose Liam Coen again? + HUGE get for Big Blue Wall | 11 Personnel

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🗓️ 17 January 2024

⏱️ 62 minutes

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I'm Nick Rouch, he's Adam Like it,


and it's a little bit quicker turnaround. Basketball


schedule shuffled the deck a little bit on us like it, but you know it wouldn't


be the off-season if we didn't have some wild-ass stories going around this Kentucky football fan base.


Not never really a dull moment here Nick like like I said for us leaving the draft


when we made the trek to Kansas City. You can't say this job is boring. And that is ringing true here on January 16th.


January 16th, mind you. We just celebrated MLK day, one round of NFL


playoff action has happened. It's it's very very early in this off season and it's been an eventful one.


In fact, this was supposed to be the time like it where we were supposed to kind of exhale a little bit.


We were going to have a Sunday filled with football games in the NFL and


just kind of you know we'll throw some posts up probably a nice easy day and that was not the case


that was not the case whatsoever.


And that's just kind of how it's been and once again we're playing the waiting game with Liam Cohen.


If you if you clicked on the post on Kentucky Sports Radio.com to get to this


edition of the show, I noted that this is the fourth time we've played the Liam Cohen waiting game.


It's like first off who's it going to be we think it's Shane Waldron.


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