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BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

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🗓️ 20 July 2023

⏱️ 37 minutes

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We start the show off with Pinky Doll taking over Tik Tok with her NPC like lives (leading to a discussion if we will ever have a guest on BFFs again), the internet calling Margot Robbie mid during the Barbie press tour, a new picture of Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian leaking from the White Party, figuring out if Brad Pitt is on Ozempic, the Adam22 Lena The Plug saga, the internet calling Taylor Swift fans cringe, the Island Boys getting a little too familiar with each other, the white/gold or blue/black dress making it back in the news in a shocking way, Miranda Lambert stopping a concert to call out fans, Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods spotted together again, Messi shopping in Florida, Shakira and Jimmy Butler reportedly dating, and Bebe Rexha posting receipts from her ex online. We finish with BFFs corner where we say goodbye to one of the fan's favorite segments, Bri recapping her time on Love Island in Fiji, Dave declaring himself out on a popular TV show, a debate on if a guy should pay for his girlfriends friends, and an update on Dave's Taylor Swift's Eras Tour jacket. Subscribe to the podcast now: https://barstool.link/3m4Q0Fq Support Our Sponsors: Raising Canes: Come for the chicken fingers and stay for sauce! Order online at https://RaisingCanes.com Takis: Try Takis today and Face the Intensity.

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All right. New episode BFFs. Technical issues a little bit. Per usual brief. Welcome back.


I overheard you talking straight from Fiji. Yes. Straight from Fiji off the flight to BFFs


have not slept yet. Feeling a little delusional. How was that like trip? It was awesome.


Fiji's cool. It was kind of ridiculous to travel across the world for three days, but


yeah, I don't think anybody's been like, yeah, Fiji sucks. When you do it again, knowing


what you knew with all the travel. Yeah, for sure. It was a blast. All right. Good. All right.


Well, let's get into the headlines. Pinkie dolls lives take over TikTok. A 19 year old


TikTok who goes by the name of Pinkie doll has gone viral for TikTok lives where she reacts


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