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What will Mark Pope’s first roster at Kentucky look like | Sources Say

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🗓️ 17 April 2024

⏱️ 77 minutes

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Kentucky head coach Mark Pope is off to a strong start with the Wildcats, selling out Rupp Arena for his introductory press conference and checking all of the major boxes since then. Now, it’s time to hire a staff and fill a roster. What does that look like? Matt Sak of Rupp To No Good joins Sources Say to break it all down in episode 331. Watch the show in its entirety below: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Welcome in episode 331 of the


Pottists, your go to Kentucky basketball and recruiting podcasts on the growing KSR podcast network.


I'm your host, The Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio, very excited to be joined.


Once again, it's kind of like a little a little


person with the myth the legend Stephen Peek


KSR videographer extraordinary Stephen it's been a very emotional week how you


do about it? I'm doing great right now


Fired up. That was something else on Sunday as we as we lose Jack. We'll get him right right back but it was probably one of the as I told people


this was like a top probably top five all-time experience as a Kentucky fan what I saw on


Sunday that experience as a Kentucky fan, what I saw on Sunday.


That experience was unlike anything I've experienced off the court.


I mean, that's a top five Kentucky memory all time and like I don't know I've tried to like


figure out why it was so emotional for some people I don't know if it was the nostalgia of seeing all those


players, those past players and more specifically those 90s players come off


the bus. But as I just kind of I scanned the crowd there were so many grown men with tears in their eyes.


And it's so weird man we just lost to Oakland like 30 days ago.


It's crazy. I can't even believe like a week ago. I can't even believe like a week


ago right now we were looking at Scott Drew at a Mexican restaurant and trying to dissect what episode of Family


Feudy he was watching. Like that was a week ago and now we're here. Like it's not even just like, oh, we


finalized our candidate. we're looking at you


know we're not just all in we're we couldn't be further in with this and it was


really cool moment because I brought my six month old son to Reparina for the very first time.


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