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What was the target of United Airlines Flight 93?

Long Shadow

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🗓️ 20 August 2021

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Every defense mechanism the U.S. government had on 9/11 failed except for one: the passengers and crew aboard United Airlines Flight 93. They were on the final plane to be hijacked that day and heard reports of the attacks from loved ones on the ground. Then they rallied to stop the terrorist plot.

But where was the plane headed before it crashed? What was the intended target of the Flight 93 hijackers?

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Awarding for listeners. Throughout this podcast, we have original audio from 9-11 plus recreations


of that day. We feel it is important for listeners to hear, but it can also be disturbing.


For 20 years, we've shorthanded the sight of the fourth crash on September 11th as Shanksville.


But that's not really accurate. The plane came down in Stony Creek Township that's a nearby part


of the small rural communities that make up Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Stony Creek Township


is about 90 minutes outside Pittsburgh and all of the local communities there found themselves called


to respond on the morning of 9-11. Denise Miller that day was a sergeant with a neighboring


Indian Lake Police Department. Today, she's retired and still lives nearby.


Well, at Indian Lake, you pretty much were a part of the community and knew them well,


and as you did your patrols, you watched the homes and such and you could even soon get used to


what even their bedtime was. That morning, Denise was at home just starting her day.


I had just gotten up and I was just sitting in front of the TV watching the news report today,


the Today Show. And I was eating a bowl cereal and that's when I saw the first jet come in and


crash into the tower. Well, that a plane. Some reports are that it was a small commuter plane


crashed into the upper floors of one of the twin towers. You can see fire and point. And then the


second jet hit. Where are many people in the building? Another one just hit. Something else just


hit. A very large plane just flew directly over my building and there's been another collision.


Can you see it? I know. And then by that, the phone rang. It was 9-11 and I'm very familiar with


all the dispatchers up there at that time. And JJ, he said that you have a plane down D.


And I said, what like, assess now or something. I said, because we do have an airport up there,


did have an airport. Lots of times they would lose track of a plane and so we'd have to start


checking the area. But he said, no, you have a big plane. That's when it just hit my brain.


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